14 Nov 2023

Dr Dianne McGrath: Out and About

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Somewhere in the South Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find Dr Dianne McGrath in the midst of a 40,000 nautical mile journey. That’s because she’s currently taking part in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race.

A passionate advocate of sustainability, Dianne is circumnavigating our world as part of an 11 month voyage at sea. It’s an opportunity she’s using to share stories aimed at inspiring us to protect our planet and secure a more sustainable future for humanity. The mooring lines on the 70-foot yacht she’s using to compete in the race uses fully recycled and recyclable Marlow Ropes. It’s just one of the ways she’s hoping to promote sustainability while she participates in this jaw-dropping challenge.

During her journey, she’s providing regular updates on living sustainably onboard, including how the team is reducing food waste through careful meal planning, reusing leftovers and utilising preserved foods. She’s also discussed lessons learned in preserving potable water while out at sea, including cleaning dishes with salt water and choosing to ‘bird bath’ instead of showering individually to make every drop count. 

As one of Australia’s leading sustainability experts, Dianne lives a sustainably embodied day-to-day life to demonstrate that individually, as organisations and in our communities, we can have a positive impact across the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. She has three degrees in sustainability including a PhD in environmental engineering and is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. 

A true outlier, natural leader and all-round superwoman, Dianne has a powerful track record of advocating for sustainability through unique challenges, whether it’s living an entire year without single-use plastics, signing up for a one-way trip to Mars, participating in ultramarathons, cycling extreme distances or sailing tall ships through gale force winds. 

Dianne’s primary passion is in reducing food waste. In her role at Fight Food Waste Limited, she’s overseen a range of impactful programs and projects, from making improvements in packaging, supply chain efficiencies, circular economy solutions, food rescue, industry education and whole-of-sector waste minimisation initiatives. Her astonishing career has included roles in marketing, emergency services, non-profits, and across all levels of government.

From leading the Commonwealth’s consumer energy information platforms to developing national disaster response protocols, Dianne understands the importance of collaboration, resilience, foresight, and working on behalf of others.

Get inspired by Dianne’s stories about her advocacy journey, what she’s learned throughout her impressive career and the unique perspectives she’s gained while participating in challenges thought impossible.

While the Mars One voyage she was shortlisted for has now been discontinued, it comes with a silver lining for us. Instead of leaving the planet forever, Dianne will stay on Earth where she’ll no doubt continue to play an invaluable role as a champion for sustainability – educating, inspiring and leading us to create a more positive future, one step at a time. 

Dianne remains out on the open oceans for the time being. But when she returns home to Australia, she’ll no doubt have many amazing stories and new insights to share.

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