13 Jul 2023

AI Revolution – Part 3: AI’s Personalities & Styles

Steve Sammartino - Part 3 AI Personalities

Every now and again a technology arrives which literally changes everything. This just happened with Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT has is the start of a new revolution. It’s a bellwether moment we’ll look back on and wonder what life was like before Generative AI. Just like we did with the internet, and then the smart phone.

So, we’ve asked Futurist, AI expert and ICMI exclusive Keynote Speaker Steve Sammartino, to break down the AI revolution in language we can all understand.

In this blog mini-series, Steve will uncover what it is, how it works, how it will change every organisation for the better, but only for those who embrace it. So, get yourselves a stiff espresso and prepare to be wowed by the wonders of AI.

AI Revolution – Part 3: AI’s Personalities & Styles

There’s something strange about the recent spate of Generative AI tools. Just like us, they all have their own personalities. The computer code which creates them, makes them respond to our prompts in certain ways. This is especially true for the Generative Image Generators like Dall-E2 and MidJourney. We can give the exact same request, and they will result in different outputs. In this sense they have their own sensibilities. By my reckoning, Dall-E2 is more photo-ish and MidJourney is more computer generated and cyberpunk-ish.

Just have a look at how these differ, even though they were generated form the exact same prompts:

Prompt: A head of a robot hooked up with wires to the ceiling, illuminated by coloured lights.

Prompt: Intricate sculpture of a skull

Prompt: Bright summer afternoon, flowing river, lush nature

Large Language Models like Googles Bard and ChatGPT, also have a tone and personality. They tend to be academic, even stoic in nature. But, we can manipulate that. They way we do it is by asking it to respond ‘In the style of….” And simply add a persons name, or style of writing. We could make it sound like Shakespeare, Barrack Obama, Kim Kardashian or the rapper Eminem. (You should go onto ChatGPT and give this a try – it’s interesting and fun) The only caveat is that the ‘style of’ request, is of a person who has lots of content about them on the internet. This is because these Generative AI’s are basically trained on the internet.

We can also do this for brands and companies we work in or for. If we have lots of data and published content, we can leverage this with the AI’s, and ask it to do work which sounds like the work we’ve already done – content, tone, style, prose… everything. It’s just added another reason for every company and brand to create as much content as possible – it gives us a massive time saving and resourcing hack.

It also helps people with personal brands. If you’ve been publishing, you now have an advantage. Generative AI can create new work in your style. I have written more than 3 million words on my blog over the past 20 years. I can ask it to do work in the style of Steve Sammartino and it writes a lot like I do. And while we may wish we started publishing years ago to have this style of ‘me’ possibility, the second-best time to start is now!

And if you want more amazing insights like this, be sure to get me (Steve Sammartino) to deliver my AI keynote at your next event or conference. It’s filled with hacks you team can embrace the moment the speech finishes

Next post we’ll explore AI’s impact on The Future of Entertainment.

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