04 May 2021

Administrative Professionals’ Day: Celebrating those that keep the office in one piece!

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With Administrative Professionals’ Day just around the corner (Friday 7th May in 2021), we’d love to take the time to celebrate the unsung heroes of the workplace – the EAs, PAs, secretaries and receptionists that keep the team afloat. Unless they’re Pam from The Office or Mad Men’s beloved Peggy, support staff often slip under the radar both in and out of the workplace. Yet without our administration teams, we’d all be lost in a sea of unfinished paperwork and unscheduled meetings. Eternally organised and always proactive, admin professionals can be relied on to pick up on the little things most of us don’t even notice. It would be completely impossible for ICMI to function without every individual who works behind the scenes to make sure we deliver the best service possible for both our clients and talent, and we’re incredibly grateful for their dedication.


The Day itself (originally Secretaries Day) was actually born from a post-World War Two skills shortage among administration staff. The National Secretaries Association created the Day to encourage more recognition and support for administration workers in the hope to attract more people to the profession. The role of the modern secretary, however, stems from the ‘secretum’ of Medieval times – a trusted confidant of the court who could always be relied upon to keep a secret. These days we rely on our administration staff more than ever, so it’s super important to make sure they know they are appreciated. With remote and hybrid teams now also the reality for many, administrative professionals have proved there is no challenge they cannot overcome.


While we have our suspicions that they secretly run the place (undercover-boss style), administrative professionals are the anchor to every office. With support staff on deck, we can rest assured that the ship will weather any storm and for that, we thank them!

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