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Key Points for Bill Nelson

  • Bill Nelson, also known as the 'Success Architect,' founded Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd, a world-class corporate consultancy.
  • Bill is a master at developing and embedding peak performance in teams and individuals across diverse sectors such as business, education, and elite sport.
  • Some of Bill's notable clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Westpac, Telstra, and KPMG.
  • Bill's expertise lies in connecting productivity, culture, synergy, efficiency, team-building, leadership, and engagement to create a matrix of performance improvement.

Topics for Bill Nelson

  • Success won't come to me unless I go to it
    With every pursuit of success there is a price to pay. Bill relates his experience of the past thirty years in helping others understand, pursue and achieve success
  • Lessons I've learnt from some of the world's greatest achievers
    For the past thirty years, Bill has been on a mission to understand, pursue and teach the principles of success
  • An insight into elite achievement
    Behind the scenes insights into the principles that developed success in such organisations as The Australian Swimming Team, The Australian Road Cycling Team, NBL Basketball championship teams, The NRL and many other elite level success stories.
  • None of us are as good as all of us
    Regardless of who you are and how well you do what you do, you will always perform better when you draw on the skills and experience of those around you
  • Be prepared to play for something greater than yourself
    Get what you need while delivering what everyone else wants from you
  • The person you are not the title you have
    To inspire people to increased levels of performance, synergy and efficiency, the leader must consistently represent a set of qualities, values and skills
  • The foundation to effective culture
    We will get to values, behaviours and actions. But what are the three key aspects behind the success of any organisational culture?

Testimonials for Bill Nelson

Bill was charismatic, entertaining, engaging, and on point. His stories tied in perfectly with our theme – this was thanks to Bill taking the time to consult with us prior to the event to tailor his performance to our event. He is a marvelous storyteller, and his stories were all relevant and educational. Our leaders have already begun quoting Bill – he was really terrific. Can’t recommend him highly enough!
Toll Group

Bill was awesome and he had everyone in the room captivated by his humour and generous spirit. He engaged the whole room and not one person came out without something to think about and aspire too!

Bill’s address gave us a rare insight into the qualities and dynamics that lead to individual and team success. His down to earth style and larrikin humour made for a very entertaining evening.

Bill Nelson’s experience with motivating people, his absolute passion for what he does and belief that anyone can achieve their goals was simply inspiring.
Telstra Business Solutions Marketing

Bill was sensational. He was able to easily grasp the focus we had as a business and then mould this into a very informative session that has them spellbound. The feedback from the 80 Managers has been brilliant.

As you would have gathered by the applause you received, your presentation was a winner. The first speaker at a conference sets the tone for the rest of the conference, and from the feedback I received, it was the best conference we have delivered.
Ray White Real Estate

Three words to describe his speech would be inspiring, passionate and informative. Bill was able to relate his experience and stories to the theme of our conference and he was right on the mark.

Bill’s approach was refreshingly down to earth and his words clearly captured the imagination of the individuals present. Many of these lessons, transcended our business requirements into real life advice.

Your motivational address on teamwork was both engaging and challenging. I particularly liked your ability to demonstrate the tangible ways in which we could all maximise our individual effectiveness through teamwork. Your contribution made our conference a resounding success.
Computershare Registry Services

Bill’s presentation was one of the highlights of our conference. Delivering a valuable and pertinent message in a humorous, candid and enjoyable manner. A wonderful insight into the value of teamwork, belief and striving to achieve!
Lend Lease

Bill Nelson was able to draw from his experiences to provide examples and actions that we as a Corporation can use to achieve our Business Plans and Objectives. So many people come up to me after the presentation to let me know how much they enjoyed it and the perspective that he provided.
Proctor & Gamble

Excellent. Bill really hit the mark with his presentation. He was able to draw on his vast experience from the elite sporting world and apply his learning’s to the business world. His presentation was inspiring and motivational - exactly what we were looking for.

Bill was exceptional, he is a first class speaker. He is exceptional as a team builder and motivator. Would recommend him highly to anyone else at Westpac for other events and team motivation sessions. Nothing less than what you would expect from a person of Bill's calibre, I am sure.

Excellent. Bill delivered the content and style that I expected from him. His style was relaxed and he spoke to the level of our Dealers, which they appreciated. Well done!

I have attended a number of programs about leadership and teamwork over the years but rarely have I been so enthralled, informed and emotionally charged after listening to Bill Nelson.
Lifeline Australia

Excellent. All participants rated you 8, 9, 10 and in one case 11 out of 10!
Patron Financial Advice

Bill's talk was incredibly engaging, with relevant examples and meaningful stories.  Our conference lasted a day and a half, but Bill's hour and a half was by far the stand-out -- some of the team have already changed some of their sales tactics.
ING Direct

The presentation provided by Bill was excellent. His ability to tie that relationship between coach and athlete and then demonstrate the relevance in a business perspective was a key driver in that success.

Bill was fantastic. He's down to earth, likeable, and very inspirational. Everybody loved him and he had such a good ability to incorporate our theme into his presentation.
Hills Pet Nutrition

Your talk was both engaging and insightful, the buzz it created was just what I was after to kick start our journey to building a high performing team.
National Australia Bank