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Key Points for Ben Owen

  • Ben Owen stars globally in the hit TV show Hunted as a senior leader in the Australian, U.K. and U.S. versions. The show has picked up major awards in numerous countries and continues to grow.
  • Serving in British intelligence and integral in thwarting numerous attacks over a 10-year career, Ben demonstrated resilience, performance in complex environments, leadership and more.
  • Aged just 19, Ben served in Gulf War II as a sniper alongside allied forces completing several key operations.
  • Ben is a global cyber security expert and is known as a ‘cyber spy’ and ‘digital bodyguard’. He travels the world to ensure clients are safer online and are able to gather intelligence safely and effectively.
  • He is often features on major news channels discussing various topics of cyber security and his hit TV show, Hunted.
  • Ben is an internationally recognised expert in covert operations, surveillance and online investigations with over 17 years’ experience working at the very height of national security.

Topics for Ben Owen

  • How safe are you online?
    Ben Owen demonstrates a live hacking session where he illustrates just how much data we all give away each day. From leaving your house for work in the morning to the moment you return, you leave 100’s of digital breadcrumbs to be found by the bad guys.
  • Digital data in the modern world
    Ben Owen discusses how the digital landscape has changed significantly post pandemic. Companies are now mostly remote, around 75% in fact, but with remote work forces comes danger, but how do we stay safe?
  • Leadership
    Ben Owen has been a leader since the age of 19 where he was thrusted into leading sensitive military operations as a sniper. He then led operational teams to gather intelligence on some of the world’s most dangerous people. He will discuss numerous situations where leadership skills have been tested and impart knowledge and experiences.
  • Cyber spies vs. cyber criminals
    In a digitally complex and dangerous world, the rise of cyber-crime is huge. Ben Owen discusses how we can all remain safe and spot the signs of a cyber-criminal attempting to hack into your digital life.
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Testimonials for Ben Owen

I just wanted to let you know Ben Owen was a huge hit yesterday and was a real pleasure to have! He genuinely is a lovely guy and even managed to have a few gins with us after his talk – I am sure he was parched answering all of the questions he had from our audience, which is really great as it means our guys were clearly engaged. We all loved him and he is absolutely hilarious, so thank you for introducing us. Thank you again for all of your efforts - great team!
4Secure Cyber Company

Ben Owen was really liked! He really grabbed everyone’s interest! Thank you so much for all your help!
City of London Council

We didn’t think a virtual talk would be as engaging, Wow – we were wrong! Top class.

A highly interactive masterclass delivered by Ben Owen, highly recommended.

Literally blown away with how Ben Owen demonstrated how vulnerable we are on the web.
Sarah Goodison