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Key Points for Becky Hirst FRSA

  • Becky Hirst, author of For the Love of Community Engagement, offers a fresh perspective on government-community connections, urging a rethink in decision-making approaches.
  • With 24 years of experience, Becky has assisted numerous government clients, engaging with over 50,000 individuals on important topics.
  • Despite recent comparisons to fingerpainting, Becky possesses essential skills—compassion, authenticity, active listening—to navigate complex political and business challenges.
  • Becky's expertise bridges the gap between government and communities, advocating for inclusive decision-making and demonstrating a deep understanding of effective community engagement.

Topics for Becky Hirst FRSA

  • The power of community
    How a conversation with your neighbour could change the world!
  • The rise of the 21st century citizen
    A reflective presentation that looks at the changing role of the individual, or citizen, in our 21st century world, and how government and business can be preparing for this.
  • Helping communities tackle the big issues
    This presentation includes a focus on how government and business leaders can include their communities in visioning for the future. It includes setting the context for community engagement as well as creative and innovative ways to facilitate rich and meaningful conversations.
  • Business engagement – be a part of it!
    This presentation is practical in focus and provides inspiration for small and medium businesses to genuinely connect with the communities they serve.
  • Facilitating online conversations with confidence
    An online workshop style presentation format that takes participants on a journey of building confidence to facilitate good, meaningful online conversations via video conferencing.
  • Engaging with communities in an era of low trust
    Are you trusted? How can you build trust by including people in your decision making? This presentation aims to provide practical solutions to build a sense of community and togetherness across organisations, neighbourhoods or elsewhere!
  • Who’s who?
    This presentation focuses on who could bring significant expertise to your decision-making table and is more than likely going to include people you hadn’t thought of!

Testimonials for Becky Hirst FRSA

Hi Becky, I didn’t get chance to introduce myself yesterday but I just wanted to thank you for your keynote. It was very engaging and simply fantastic. I would welcome a chat sometime if possible about seeing if we could find a time to deliver the presentation at a future council Community Capacity section gathering which includes staff from our arts, reconciliation and cultural development, acting ageing and disability, community development and youth teams.
Hi Becky, I signed up to LinkedIn Premium today especially to send you a thank you message for your inspirational presentation at the LG Professionals Community Development Conference, this morning! You have shone a bright light on the possible reasons behind some of the issues we are facing in Council and Community today. Trust, or lack of it and your advice about what we can do to heal the community is spot on! Lots to think about! If the conference finished now, I'd be very happy with the key takeaways from you, thanks!
Thank you for such a great start to the session and day - and love you're not at a lectern and you have captivated us from the first minute of the day. Grounding, insightful and full of professional and personal soul food that we all need.
Social Media

Loved Becky as she gave us a good foundation at the start to reflect on what we have been through so we could move forward.
Loved Becky Hirst’s session. What a brilliant presenter and such a relevant topic.
Becky Hirst - was good to have benefit of her collective knowledge of community sentiment
Becky Hirst was dynamic and engaging and the topic was very relevant to CD practitioners. It was compelling. 
Local Government Professionals Australia

Through her strong storytelling ability Becky brings focus, energy, creativity, curiosity, and thought-provoking conversation to her keynote delivery. Her lived experience, big picture mindset, and contemporary perspective coupled with her professional, and principles-based approach to community engagement enables Becky to start and lead the conversation. Her genuine interest and passion for the need to continually review rapidly changing and expanding community engagement practices is contagious. Becky left our audience educated and inspired to improve community engagement practices in their communities.
DCM Institute

Becky’s approach to community engagement is cool and creative. As a person, Becky was super approachable and generous enough to inaugurate our Community of Practice at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Becky’s passion and the HARD skills that she taught our researchers were valuable and relevant. Becky has the niche skill of taking the audience along with her story and teaching them some important lessons through her key insights. Becky is a real force in the consumer and community engagement sector in Asia-Pacific and I highly recommend Becky for the love of community engagement.
South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)