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Key Points for Bastien Treptel

  • Bastien Treptel, a cybercrime expert, forged his path in cybersecurity at just 14, leveraging hacking skills to shape Australia's digital defense landscape.
  • His founding of CTRL Group revolutionized Australian cybersecurity standards, culminating in a multimillion-dollar acquisition in 2021.
  • Bastien's influence extends through podcasting, hosting 'Cyberhackers' and 'CyberWatch,' where he shares crucial insights with over 100,000 subscribers.
  • A sought-after keynote speaker and panelist, Bastien informs audiences nationwide on cybersecurity trends, threats, and protection strategies, championing digital safety in an increasingly interconnected world.

Topics for Bastien Treptel

  • Cyber security - The dangers explained
    A terrifying delve into the world of hackers and how easy it is to hack into people’s lives, and businesses and destroy them. Bastien covers these threats in an easy-to-understand manner.
    A hacker is like someone hiding under your bed, do they have a litre of petrol, a knife or a key to your safe? Making the connection between the intangible and real-life examples of hacks and some fun and clever strategies to stop them.
  • Cyber and politics
    Fake news, media and deep fakes are affecting the way we vote, we shield our views and surround ourselves with like-minded people... Could this be the end of the world as we know it? Will technology ruin us or save us? Bastien dives into this topic with examples, shocks us with demos and ends with a positive spin on the world that will leave you thinking...
  • Successful entrepreneur
    Bastien covers off the threats business face today, how he went from door-knocking for clients to exiting 14 years later and not “having to work” but choosing to follow his passions.
    In this presentation, Bastien covers his journey of growing and nurturing a business to success in today's harsh landscapes of pandemics, wars and cybercrime, all trying to chip away at your profits.
  • AI leadership and the future workforce
    Bastien Treptel describes a possible future, the leadership in business required to achieve it and how to harness its power to elevate your teams.
  • AI and cybercrime - Leadership guide
    Ex Criminal Hacker Bastien Treptel takes the cover off how AI is being used by cybercriminals and how to protect your organisation through leadership and future thinking.
  • AI a future of good and bad...
    Future cities, workforces, health and lifestyles could all be improved however, let's take a second to imagine the dark side and how to prevent the AI apocalypse...

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