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Key Points for Avi Liran

  • Avi Liran lives his mission to delight the world; one person, one organization at a time. He chose a life of service to help transform the world through Delivering Delight. He walks the talk, on and off the stage to touch lives and add value to others.
  • Certified Speaking Professional who has been researching, writing and helping top companies to transform their culture since 2006. He spoke for some of the best organizations across the world in 16 countries (so far).
  • An Economist and MBA, he brings to the stage sound C-level experience from the private and public sectors. Avi’s consulting work, curiosity and his continuous research provide him diverse, unique and updated perspectives in his programs.
  • An avid learner, Avi is a firm believer in the wisdom of the crowd. He encourages his audience to challenge his points and openly admits when there is a new insight or perspective. Avi enjoys bringing the best to his audience and learning from them at the same time.
  • Is serious about cultivating delight. He and his team will support your team in faces challenges and adversities that may happen. Avi inspires by example an atmosphere of resilience, positivity with respect, fairness, and kindness.

Topics for Avi Liran

  • Delivering Delight / Becoming a CDO (Chief Delight Officer)
    Success of digital transformation relies on the convergence of the logic and systems with the empathic human delight. As leaders have the highest impact on the culture, it is paramount that they role will model delightful values consistently. During this talk, they will be inspired to re ignite their inner delight so they can unleash and develop the hidden potential of themselves and their team That will result with a supercharged team working to deliver DCX (Delightful Customer Experience) with consistency, enthusiasm, higher energy, engagement and performance. Bringing the joy of friendship and the best of humanity to your workplace and community has never been so powerful and intuitive.

    What your audience will learn:
    • How developing a delightful culture is one of the most effective ways to ignite intrinsic motivation, keep and attract best talent and uplift engagement.
    • How combining focus on results with genuine care in developing your teams is a multiplier when it comes to motivation and engagement.
    • How moving up the levels of delight, creates a memorable Delightful Employee Experience (DEX), DCX and raving customer advocacy.
    • How to protect your culture by effectively managing difficult situations and bouncing back by igniting your Delight Operating System.
    • How to recognize and appreciate people effectively.
    • How to celebrate small wins & Have fun while delivering results.
  • Dare!
    To ask, to fail and to challenge
    Can you inspire creativity and innovations if you are surrounded by “yes people”? How do you develop a culture of learning and ownership? How do you avoid the “ostrich syndrome” and “fake harmony”?

    In this interactive, thought provoking and humourist talk, Avi shares with the audience candid secrets from ancient Jewish tradition and the modern Start up Nation of Israel ways of life. Avi, a former IT geek, CMO of ICT companies and a VC investor who was instrumental in setting investment vehicles in start up companies that exceeded 1.5 billon dollars. Avi challenges the audience to expand their comfort zone to allow more critical conversations, candid debates and civilized arguments while keeping the values of respect and openness to be more creative and agile.

    What your audience will learn:
    • How to dare to ask questions and argue your case effectively.
    • How to dare to challenge the statues quo by adopting “ Chutzpa”.
    • How to use “Mazal Tov” mindset to bounce back from failure and celebrate efforts and new learning.
    • How to take greater ownership avoid the BMW trap (Blame, Moan and Whine) using combat pilots debriefing methodology.
    • Planting seeds to transform the culture into real time a learning organization.
  • Leading with values
    Find your WHY; Take ownership; Connect with Purpose
    Our decisions are driven by our values and beliefs. They are the answer to WHY we are doing what we do. Leading with values is the foundation of your organizational culture. It makes the difference between long term success or failure.

    What participants will feel:
    • Participants will leave this session feeling enlightened and inspired to replicate their experience to their teams and families.
    • Through this interactive, energetic, engaging and entertaining workshop, participants will learn about themselves, their motivations, better understand what drives their team members, how to connect through common values and how to respect the differences. They will also understand how living your values makes you happier.

Testimonials for Avi Liran

Avi exceeded my expectations when he delivered his interactive keynote delivering Delight Across Cultures" during our annual event with more than a hundred top travel and procurement managers. We had received an overwhelming amount of positive thanks from participants who loved the talk. They shared that that his keynote talk was authentic, inspiring, motivating and delighting.
Turkish Airlines

Avi 'nailed' it in his presentations. He in fact had two standing ovations! Post Conference feedback from participants confirmed that Avi rated in the top bracket of presenters that they had ever come across. I had never come across a presenter who put in so much time with me to ensure the audience's expectations were meet. And as a convenor - a wonderful bonus: Avi was very easy to work with!
Australian Swim Schools Association
Carlile Swimming

We worked with Avi and his team for a period of 6 months. The leadership team at Marina Bay Sands had a great time participating in his workshops and took back several learnings that were implemented in their Operations. The hotel moved from approx. 140 rank on TripAdvisor to 36 in the 12months. No better proof that happy employees mean happy customers!
Executive Director Strategy, Planning, Productivity and Service Quality
Marina Bay Sands