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Key Points for Ashi Bhat

  • Ashi Bhat is the founder of INSIDER, where she’s revolutionising loyalty programs for consumer brands with blockchain technology.
  • Ashi is a TEDx and Keynote Speaker. She has previously spoken alongside political leaders including Helen Clark (Former Prime Minister of New Zealand) and Kristina Keneally (First Female Premier of NSW Australia), and executives from Accor, American Express, Canva, Deloitte, Equifax, Mastercard, Nestle, Pandora, UN Women, UNICEF and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • She is a regular columnist for Forbes Australia, Ad Age, The Drum and The Australian (Top Innovators Issue). Her newsletter, Native Marketer, is trusted by executives from, TED Baker, Sephora, Financial Times, YSL and Yahoo to stay ahead in the ever-changing marketing landscape.
  • As a woman of colour in a male-dominated industry, Ashi has seen first-hand the impact of the lack of diversity in tech: increased bias, rising wealth inequality and less innovation. She’s passionate about elevating diverse voices in technology and is a mentor at Stanford University’s AI & Blockchain Alumni Association and Inspiring Rare Birds, where she’s supporting female-led technology start-ups.
  • Ashi regularly speaks on Innovation, Emerging Technology (AI, Web3, VR), Consumer Trends and Modern Leadership. She blends business real-world examples, relevant anecdotes and technical insight, to distill complex ideas into actionable guidance and captivate both corporate and general audiences.
  • In 2023, Ashi Bhat was a finalist for the Women’s Agenda Leadership Award due to her work in leadership and social impact.

Topics for Ashi Bhat

  • The AI revolution
    Ashi Bhat has spent the last few years advising leading organisations on artificial intelligence (AI) and serves as an advisor for Stanford University’s AI and Blockchain Association, where she leverages her expertise to further the influence of ethical AI.
    During this keynote, Ashi delves into the transformative power of AI in enhancing products and experiences, from personalisation to predictive analysis. By leveraging relevant anecdotes and brand case studies, she helps audiences understand how AI is impacting their industry, customers and workforce. Ashi highlights the capabilities of generative AI and provides practical next steps in using AI to gain a competitive business advantage.
  • Harnessing Web 3.0 for innovative brand strategies
    As the Founder of blockchain-powered loyalty platform, INSIDER, Ashi has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development in Web3 and the Metaverse.
    She recently delivered a TED talk on this topic, and is skilled at demystifying complex technologies such as Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFTs and Digital Collectibles, Metaverse, Gaming, Tokenomics and Augmented Reality, turning them from buzzwords into actionable blueprints for brands.
    This keynote paints a vivid picture of the ever-shifting tech landscape and the potential of Web 3.0. It outlines the approaches brands can adopt to strategically position their organisation and enhance customer loyalty. Ashi guides audiences through new cycles of technology, emerging trends and sheds light on core principles and innovations such as decentralisation, community-led brands, NFTs and the Metaverse.
  • The entrepreneur experience
    At 18, Ashi launched her first e-commerce business in a single weekend. She then built a flourishing drop-shipping business, which she expanded globally, fostering a brand community of thousands. Now, her first TEDx talk has captivated audiences with insights on emerging technology, such as AI and Web3.
    Fast forward to today, Ashi is pioneering the future of loyalty programs and at the forefront of the emerging technology industry with her business, INSIDER.
    This keynote shares Ashi’s remarkable journey from youth entrepreneur to a TEDx Speaker and being trusted by executives from organisations such as Forbes and TIME. Get ready to delve into Ashi’s playbook for success, which explores strategies for managing imposter syndrome, building resilience, championing vulnerability and unlocking networks for success.
  • Modern leadership and diversity
    As an immigrant and woman of colour, Ashi has witnessed first-hand the consequences of limited diversity in leadership: heightened bias, rising wealth inequality and less innovation.
    In this keynote, Ashi delves into the following topics:
    • Her personal journey, from co-founding Insider to evolving into a leading voice in innovation, consumer marketing and diversity.
    • Insights on how emerging leaders can find their footing in male-dominated sectors, emphasising the pivotal role women play in driving purpose-led innovation.
    • Strategies for leaders to elevate their diversity quotient, offering a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape through key evidence and data.
    • Guidance on tackling imposter syndrome, fostering resilience, embracing authenticity, and leveraging networks for success.
    • Actionable insights for leaders to prepare for the next generation of customers and employees - Generation Z.

Testimonials for Ashi Bhat

Ashi Bhat delivered a truly enlightening keynote on Web3 at our Sydney Digital Experience Summit. Her expertise and eloquence shone through, providing invaluable insights that captivated our audience. Ashi's professionalism and approachability made her an absolute pleasure to work with. We are deeply grateful for her contribution to the success of our event.
Digital Experience Summit
Clutch Events

Ashi was a Keynote Speaker at our Women in Leadership Summit 2023, run in partnership with UN Women Australia and Diversity Council Australia. Ashi tackled complex topics such as modern leadership and diversity. She leveraged personal anecdotes and cutting-edge research to craft a compelling narrative that captivated the audience. As a young female leader in innovation, Ashi brought a unique perspective on unlocking networks for success. She shared key frameworks that resonated with leaders, offering actionable insights on preparing for the rise of Generation Z as both consumers and employees. Ashi possesses a combination of expertise, passion and an authentic delivery style that makes her the ideal choice for any event seeking to inspire, inform and invigorate.
Women in Leadership Summit
Women Leaders Institute and UN Women Australia

Ashi was invited to be a panel speaker at our InnovateHer Marketing and Emerging Tech event, run in partnership with the City of Sydney. She had a genuine passion for the topics of AI, technology and marketing, and was able to distill complex ideas into thought-provoking marketing insights. The seamless blend of real-world examples, relevant anecdotes and thought-provoking questions kept the audience engaged. She played a pivotal role in the success of the panel discussion. Following the event, we were excited to invite Ashi to become an official mentor for the Inspiring Rare Birds community.
InnovateHer Marketing and Emerging Tech Workshop
Inspiring Rare Birds and City of Sydney

I had the pleasure of working with Ashi Bhat during the TEDxYouth Sydney event in 2023. Ashi was a natural on stage and exuded confidence, instantly drawing everyone in with her personable demeanour. She had a genuine passion for her subject matter, and this passion translated into an inspiring and informative talk. I recommend Ashi to anyone seeking a speaker who can deliver a captivating and insightful talk. Her professionalism, engaging stage presence, and ability to deliver complex concepts in an accessible manner make her a true asset to any event. If you are seeking a speaker who can captivate your audience, deliver valuable insights, and leave a lasting impact, Ashi is the perfect choice.

Ashi was a panellist at our recent Blockchain Australia Western Australia Web3 Association’s event for the topic of ‘Unlocking Marketing Opportunities with Metaverse and NFTs’. With a deep understanding of blockchain and web3 technologies, Ashi showcased how they can be invaluable assets in a brand's marketing mix. Her insights revealed the untapped potential for businesses to better acquire, engage, and retain customers in ways never before imagined. Through relevant use cases, Ashi was able to translate complex concepts into practical and actionable advice for the audience. I’m looking forward to working with Ashi again!
Blockchain Australia Week

Ashi was invited as a guest speaker at the University of Sydney, given her expertise in entrepreneurship, emerging technology and marketing. Ashi led an insightful workshop on how she started and scaled multiple businesses, incorporating key lessons and frameworks (business model, competitor analysis, personas, affinity mapping) on idea refinement and MVPs, growth, finding customers and building product-market fit. The cohort loved her and we’d love to have her back!
University of Sydney

Ashi was invited to take on the role of Panel Moderator at our recent Metaverse - A Potential Force for Good conference. She led an insightful discussion with three panellists on the topic of "Engaging and retaining customers in a new virtual frontier" drawing on her extensive knowledge of digital marketing. Her confident and enthusiastic approach was well received by the delegation.
Kruzade Corporate Events