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Key Points for Anton Guinea

  • Anton Guinea is one of Australia’s highest profile thought leaders, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. 
  • Anton Guinea’s origin story is one where a workplace incident nearly took his life, and he used that experience to share with leaders what they can do to keep their staff psychologically and physically safe.
  • Anton Guinea's response was to study a degree in Human Resource Management, and then a degree in Psychological Science.
  • Anton is a passionate facilitators and his presentations are memorable with a natural warmth and infectious zest for life.
  • Anton Guinea shares insights, provides actionable methodologies, coupled with powerful concepts and tools, to embed effective and under pressure leadership in the heart of businesses, which achieve proven results.

Topics for Anton Guinea

  • Leadership under pressure – What it really takes
    For leaders who always feel like they are too busy. Or, for leaders who might, suddenly, find themselves in the firing line. In a BOOM event. Having to deal with a tragedy or a disaster situation. These times require significant emotional, behavioural, and situational control, that does not come easy during times of pressure. Anton will show you how to ‘create conscious control’.
  • Why controlling your cortisol will help you to be a better leader
    The body’s stress response system is complex. It peaks and troughs with life events and perceived threats. It is also self-limiting … our stress response switches off when the threat has passed. If it passes … that is the real risk. Some leaders don’t allow their stress response system return to normal levels. Ever. And this is a great formula for anxiety, depression, headache, sleep issues and a range of other major psychological and physical impacts.
  • Psychological safety must be a priority for 2022 leaders
    If team members are not heard, they feel hurt. When it is not safe to share ideas or opinions, for fear, ridicule, resentment, or rejection, they remain silent. To make a real change to your team dynamics, leaders need to develop psychologically safe teams. In 2022, this involves the LEAD process (Learn about others, Engage in dialogue, Articulate your feelings and Demonstrate behavioural control).
  • Resilience is not about coping, it is about advancing through adversity
    Resilient leaders are better leaders. They can reframe situations and take a positive from most situations and circumstances. The four kinds of resilience include mental resilience, emotional resilience, social resilience, and physical resilience. And building resilience is a process. A process of improvement. Improvement of skills including emotional control, collaboration, reasoning, movement, and future focusing.
  • I could have died; you don’t have to …
    Yes, I did something stupid. Yes, I could have been killed. No, I couldn’t use my hands for a few months. Yes, I suffered what would now be classed as PTSD. I learnt that when we put other things, like time or production, before our own safety, things go bad. And, my incident, like most, was preventable. Why do workers the world over, think it is better to put themselves in unsafe positions at work, when there are loved ones waiting at home for them. It just doesn’t make sense. Learn from my mistakes, and don’t learn safety by accident …

Testimonials for Anton Guinea

The difference between you and all our other speakers is that you also deliver leadership and coaching programs, so you are always going to have a different edge in your delivery approach and knowledge base. You are a natural born presenter and great with a group of people. I really like the way you focus your talk around Attitude, Behaviour, Consequences (ABC). Your ability to engage the audience, speak to them and not at them, find out names and sometimes their story ... is fantastic.
C and B Safe Speakers

What an amazing speaker. A life changing event. Anton Really gets the audience rocking. Great work, Anton, looking forward to you speaking at another one of our events.