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Key Points for Annie Duke

  • Annie Duke is a decision strategist and author.
  • Author of How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices and national bestseller, Thinking in Bets.
  • Was one of the top poker players in the world for wo decades.
  • Is a writer, coach and speaker on a range of topics such as decision fitness, emotional control, productive decision groups and embracing uncertainty.
  • Continually updates and refines her approach by incorporating new and fresh illustrations from popular culture, sports, politics and current events, social-science research, business, financial markets, and entrepreneurship.

Topics for Annie Duke

  • Thinking in bets: Avoid emotional decision-making and embrace uncertainty
  • Own your own disruption
  • How winning and losing drives irrational choices: Lessons from the poker table
  • Taking care of your future self: Temporal discounting and the sacrifices we make to feel good now
  • Hearing is believing: Belief formation and motivated reasoning

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