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Key Points for Andrew May

  • Andrew May is the CEO and founder of Performance Intelligence, a renowned performance advisory firm catering to high performers in various fields, including business, military, performing arts, and sport. Recognized globally as a leading performance strategist, Andrew provides bespoke solutions to optimize performance and achieve excellence.
  • Andrew hosts the "Performance Intelligence Podcast," where he engages with industry heavyweights in human performance, sharing insights and strategies to inspire and empower listeners. As a Mental Skills Coach, he works closely with elite athletes, including the Manly Sea Eagles National (NRL) and NSW Waratahs (Super Rugby), guiding them to peak performance. He is also the trusted advisor and business partner of World Champion Boxer, Tim Tszyu.
  • With a background as a former middle-distance runner and experience as an assistant coach at the Australian Institute of Sport, Andrew brings a wealth of athletic knowledge to his coaching roles. He has worked with Olympic and international athletes across various sports, including track and field, tennis, swimming, and cricket, fostering a deep understanding of performance optimization.
  • Andrew holds dual degrees in Exercise Physiology and Coaching Psychology, complementing his expertise in the body and brain's role in performance. He has authored the bestselling book "MatchFit" and has extensive consulting experience across diverse industries, including banking, financial services, real estate, and government sectors. Andrew's thought leadership extends to regular appearances on ABC News Breakfast and other media platforms, where he shares valuable insights on performance enhancement and well-being.

Topics for Andrew May

  • MatchFit
    Boost energy, enhance physical and psychological wellbeing and live on purpose.
    MatchFit is being able to play and compete at a consistently high level and continue performing at your best in an ever-changing environment. It is also about negating the biological decline of the body and brain post 40 years of age. There has never been a more important to be physically and psychologically MatchFit. Businesses are increasingly aware of the critical importance of employee health and sustained business performance. Maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness, sustaining energy, boosting immunity and focusing on mental wellbeing is imperative. Andrew outlines 6 Levers (Move, Fuel, Recharge, Think, Connect and Play) that help restore energy; build resilience and optimise productivity and performance in work and life.
  • Burnout proof
    Implement 5 proven factors that inoculate you against burning out.
    Proactive organisations are placing more awareness on the signs and symptoms of burnout, what causes it and how to avoid it. At its core, burnout occurs when the demands of a job outweigh a person’s ability to cope with the pressure. Our biology has not been designed for extended periods without respite or recovery. Humans work to the same rhythms of nature as other living creatures. Inherent in each of these rhythms is an expansion and contraction, a rise and fall, an energy and an idleness. COVID lockdowns on top of recent bushfires, droughts, royal commissions, economic challenges and the perpetual connectivity of technology have disrupted these rhythms. There has been no downtime or relief from the pressure and pace of our lives. Andrew outlines 5 evidence-based factors providing inoculation against burnout including Purpose Alignment, Restorative Sleep, Active Recovery, Physiological Capacity and Social Connectedness.
  • The inside job - high performance from the inside out
    An evidence-based approach built on the foundations of performance psychology and optimal human performance. Sustainable, meaningful, high performance requires an inside out approach. Andrew’s latest keynote explores what it takes do ‘do an inside job’ on yourself, using the latest neuroscience, principles of performance psychology and 20 years of experience coaching some of the world’s best athletes, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.  Neuroscience, the scientific study of the nervous system and brain, shows our brains are malleable and can grow, learn and develop throughout our lives if provided with the right nutrients and stimulation. Even when under extreme levels of pressure. Content is drawn from the latest performance psychology and Andrew’s experience exploring what it takes to perform under pressure and achieve optimal human performance working with elite sporting teams including the Australian cricket Team, Parramatta Eels, Manly Sea Eagles, NSW Waratahs and individual athletes like Tim Tszyu.
  • High performance reset
    Recharge, refresh and recalibrate after a crazy 18 months and fire up for the year ahead.
    Research combined with the opportunity of working with world-class performers in sport, business, science, education and the military for two decades shows success leaves clues. High performing individuals and winning teams display similar characteristics. In this thought provoking presentation, Andrew explores 5 universal elements that underpin high performance in the workplace including energy management and sustainability (not burning out); constant learning and adapting to change (growth mindset); emotional regulation and staying calm (keeping your shiz together); creating a psychologically safe environment and building trust (relationships, belonging and inclusion) and psychological flexibility (mental skills training to optimise psychological performance).
  • SHIFT - The neuroscience of embracing change
    A better understanding of the brain and behaviour change complex to shift from stress to opportunity and from disruption into growth. Neuroscience is the study of the human brain and nervous system. Exploring and understanding more about your internal wiring reveals profound insights into human behaviour, psychology, decision-making and cognition. In this thought-provoking presentation, Andrew explores all things neuroscience and behaviour change, including the science of synaptic pruning and how the brain trims away connections that aren’t being used and builds up neural connections that are used more frequently, and how to reduce cognitive load by creating simple and repeatable routines.

Testimonials for Andrew May

Whether it’s storytelling in an outback shed; delivering keynotes for global events; captivating an executive audience in a boardroom; or presenting high-energy digital keynotes that change people’s lives – Andrew May has the ability to connect with multiple cultures and generations. He moves audiences like very few can.
NSW Chairman
KPMG Australia

Andrew May tailored a Conference Experience at our 2-day event in Bali with pre-event diagnostics; two half-day workshops on MatchFit and New Ways of Working; and learning resources after the conference. During the session we had a power outage and he just keep powering through, engaging the audience, which was fabulous. He also managed to convene a large group of us to test our ‘MatchFitness’ in real life on the beach @ 6am day 2! Thanks Andrew.
Director of Network
Relationships, ProLoan (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Andrew May has a special talent blending human performance and neuroscience with practical experience in sport and business. His ability to tell authentic stories and engage has left a lasting impact on BOQ leaders. The word I use to describe him is ‘bold’.
Group Executive
Retail Banking at Bank of Queensland

Andrew May’s Leadership Offsite was so well received, we asked him to come back and run our next two day offsite. This program has significantly impacted the way we work, improved camaraderie and some of the LT have reported it literally changed their life.

Andrew May presented a series of keynotes for MDRT around Australia. Member feedback has been overwhelming – funny, articulate, evidence-based, entertaining, passionate. Andrew’s sessions resonated so much, MDRT booked him to speak at global conferences in Singapore and New Orleans. World-class.
Million Dollar Round Table, Australia

Andrew May came highly recommended by a number of CEW colleagues. His methodology and inspiring keynote presentations have changed the way I work and lead, balancing my personal life to access a new level of health and executive performance.
Managing Director
Compass Group

From the initial MatchFit keynote to the ongoing Coaching Academy for sales leaders, Andrew May’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I’ve lost count of the times employees have said what a difference his teachings have had on their lives.
Learning and Development Manager
Eli Lilli Australia

Andrew May’s coaching has made a difference to the way I manage stress and recovery; and his coaching, keynotes and leadership programs have had a very positive impact on the many people and teams he has worked with across CBA.

Andrew May is one of the most engaging conference speakers I’ve seen, blending science and rigour with personal experience and fun. Truly a class act.

The Executive Performance program jolted our leadership team into a smarter and more productive way of working. The science-based principles combined with Andrew’s leadership experience and tough love approach, created an immediate connection.

I have seen Andrew deliver multiple world-class presentations. From lighting up the stage
for 1,500 Rabo staff at Cockatoo Island for the Dare Down Under conference; to intimate leadership and strategy retreats for our executive; to recent virtual online offerings as part of our Wellbeing Series.
Head of People Development & Strategic Workforce Management

Andrew May’s ability to provide specific examples for a range of industries fully engaged the audience. The way he adapted his content on the spot to answer questions and weave in examples of coaching people throughout the presentation was very impressive.
National Product Manager
Family Business Australia

Andrew May had a line queuing up for him after his session. Amazing session on time management and a highlight session of our conference.
Delegate comments:
“Very interactive and informing. Andrew was good. Great to see more speakers talking about our fitness and mind is paramount.”
“Good content and easy to understand.”
“Very fundamentally sound advice.”
Thanks for your great ‘Switched On’ keynote at our annual conference. It was our pleasure having you as part of our 'people' day and I thought your speech was fantastic! One of our international guests from London was so impressed with your presentation that he said he's going back this week to let them know what an innovative company we are down here and to speak to International HR about running something similar in UK – all very positive!
Human Resources Manager
EMI Music Australia

Hi Andrew, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into the AXA manager conference program over the last year. Combining the morning wake up activities, masseurs, and the online learning and intranet with your keynote presentations is a perfect way to blend content and practice. The Switched On reviews where you summarise all of our activities and provide us with downloads and photos of the entire experience is always very well received. We are looking forward to running this program with you again next year!
Capability Manager

Feedback from delegates clearly shows your talk was not only well received, but a highlight of the event. Your experience and understanding of sustained performance and its impact on our businesses certainly gives us all plenty to think about in planning ahead.
Managing Director
Fitpro. UK

Andrew May's energetic style always leaves the audience buzzing. We can always count on Andrew to partner with us and deliver a humorous, thought provoking and very practical presentation. He is a master speaker and the perfect choice to stimulate the audience with a fact filled health message. One of the best I've seen!
Marketing Manager
Australian Unity

From the very start your message was powerful and to the point. I was particularly impressed the way you researched the audience and continually linked the key messages back to our specific business and day to day pressures.
Victorian Human Resources Manager
Accor Hotels

Andrew May recently partnered with Human Resources to develop a specific presentation that outlined the theory behind designing and managing Work Life Balance programs; as well as providing employees with powerful and realistic strategies they could immediately use. This provided a very strong platform for HR to then explain what we are doing on both a global and local initiative. I strongly recommend Andrew May as one of the best in the business I've come across.
HR Director
Hewlett Packard

Andrew May has now presented to Ernst & Young employees throughout Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. His high energy, enthusiasm, subject knowledge and capacity to relate to large numbers of people both professional and non–professional are the reason we contract him again and again. Andrew has an engaging and sense of humour, which allows him to draw in and interest his audience. We also believe Andrew is now very aware of our culture and our objectives and he is able to deliver addresses to large or small audiences within an appropriate contextual framework. We have been very satisfied with Andrew's contribution to our health and well–being program and look forward to a long and successful working relationship with him.
Senior Partner
Ernst & Young