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Key Points
  • Andrea Clarke is the author of Future Fit, The Australian Business Book of the Year, 2019.
  • Future Fit was a finalist in the UK Business Book of 2020.
  • She is a digital education pioneer, routinely delivering learning programs to Bunnings, Lendlease, Austrade, NBN, Future Women and BHP.
  • A former television news correspondent, Andrea was based in Washington D.C. for Thomson Reuters, Al Jazeera English & Seven News.
  • Was the Communication Director for a US based organisation, working on humanitarian aid programs in Iraq, Jordan, Georgia and Afghanistan.
  • She routinely media trains top ASX listed CEO’s and their executive teams.
  • The future of work
    Our traditional workplace models were already starting to fracture when the pandemic triggered an emergency shift to confronting new rules of engagement. Plans for transformation were brought forward five years to 60 days as offices emptied out, global supply chains became local and we all negotiated a varying degree of lockdown. Now, as we emerge from a year of restrictions, we're negotiating a new phase of work, where the need for direction around 'people and place' has never been so relevant. So, what does the future of work look like, how do we manage the extraordinary rise of the individual, where the balance of power lies with the employee - and how do we equip ourselves and our teams to absorb new ways of working that could be a long way off stabilising? While the fault-line is clear, so is the opportunity, the future of work belongs to those who actively embrace the new era we find ourselves in - and those who are prepared to let go of outdated models that won't serve the transformation we seek.
  • Defying disruption: Future fit skills for the 2020's
    As we negotiate a post-pandemic workforce, the need to have skills that defy disruption has never been so urgent, as traditional workplace models give way to confronting new rules of engagement. Award-winning author and digital learning pioneer, Andrea Clarke, explores how a looser and less structured work arena is empowering employees in ways we've never seen before - placing the responsibility for innovation, growth and career acceleration firmly in the hands of the individual. Those who take 'real skills' to a new level will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic & demanding new market.
  • The future of leadership in a hybrid workplace
    One year before the pandemic, Andrea released her first award-winning book, Future Fit, where she declared that 'nine to five was over and so is the traditional style of leadership that thrived inside of those hours.' Now, as we find ourselves negotiating a new hybrid workplace, we have an extraordinary opportunity to examine what is specifically required of us to mobilise teams towards transformation. We need a new perspective on our relationship with tools, talent and time; tactics to engage and mobilise our people through strengthening their sense of identity; and clarity around the the role of learning, adapting and creating new value for our organisations. A former news journalist, humanitarian aid worker and Washington D.C. based correspondent, Andrea has had the opportunity to manage and lead hundreds of remote teams, covering major news events in difficult and demanding environments, including across North America and Iraq. She also led the communications team when the 'Save Darfur' advocacy movement lobbied the Obama administration to appoint a US Special Envoy to end the genocide in Darfur, which was achieved at the UN General Assembly in New York in 2009.

From her first to final word Andrea takes us on an engaging journey teaching us not only what it means to be fit for the future of work, but practically how to get ourselves in shape. Andrea Clarke’s Future Fit keynote is an essential experience that everyone needs to have.

Andrea’s content is compelling and relevant. I've started to see immediate results from implementing her practical advice. She inspired the cohort to think big, challenge themselves and ensure that we understand our value proposition in order to stay competitive. Andrea's international experience in leadership and coaching is evident in her intuitive facilitation style. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her facilitation or her book to anyone who is eager to ensure their longevity in the fast evolving labour market.
Exec Manager

Andrea is an incredible speaker who runs an invigorating workshop. Incredible because I walked out feeling empowered, focused and armed with tools that I could use immediately. Invigorating because it’s always a pleasure to be surrounded by people who bring so much passion in their area of expertise.

Andrea rated 4.04 out of 5 at our national leadership conference held at Macquarie Bank. She shared an impressive and uplifting story with practical takeaways for our members. Andrea’s approachable nature makes her a delight to deal with.
FEW (Financial Executive Women)