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Key Points for Andre King

  • The Household Cavalry - Windsor Barracks (HRH queen Elizabeth's personal guard).
  • Regular guest speaker Carbine Club Luncheon - Hong Kong (Rugby 7’s tournament) HKRFU & Hong Kong Jockey Club guest speaker.
  • 1st western performer to perform in Myanmar since Bob Hope in 1945 with the USO.
  • Nominated Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy/Drama 2009 Qantas Film & Television Awards.
  • Headline act for Jongleurs, Glee & Highlight clubs in UK & Europe.
  • 4 and 5 star reviews in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012.


Topics for Andre King

  • An audience with The King
    Travel stories from around the world.
  • Variety Royale
    A peek behind the curtain of building a comedy routine.
  • Yes man! (R18)
    A comedy show based on a year of saying ‘yes’ to everything.

Testimonials for Andre King

Andre was amazing, everybody has a ball. Just a real all round great person.
Pelorus Pre School Comedy and Auction

King's comedy sparks & tickles with an enigmatic cheek…

One of New Zealands finest comedy exports…irresistibly funny!
The Stage UK

Endearing, hilariously caricatured impressions and accents. Comedy at it's most sincere and civilised!
Broadway Baby Edinburgh

…stand up comedy of the highest calibre, devastatingly funny!
Cream of The Fringe Edinburgh

Andre King has been there, done that and out-grown the t-shirt. A very experienced comic, the Kiwi uses all of his tricks to keep a sizeable audience gripped by his well-constructed set for an hour. Utilising geographical anecdotes to keep the audience involved, King globe-trots from Scotland to New Zealand, Australia to South Africa, using enough stereotypes for the crowd to keep up whilst adding his own sly take on national staples. Witty and confident, King’s presence is as large as his suit, guiding the punter from one humorous set-piece to another, with just the right amount of humility to make him likeable. Andre King is funny – and he knows it.
3 Weeks

Andre King’s style is an endearing one. Always bright-eyed and with a smile on his face, he comes across as jolly, calm and professional. His set mainly covered encounters with people he’d met on his travels in Australia, Thailand and Great Britain, detailing distinctions between nationalities, with hilariously caricatured impressions and accents. A few of the jokes were recognisable, for example one about the beautiful Thai ‘girl’s’ erection, though, he told it well nevertheless. It is also noteworthy that there was consistent laughter despite an audience of about ten. What was especially endearing was how open he was with the audience, notably getting sentimental about his career. He talks about how his outlook on comedy is changing and how he’s always wanted to perform in Edinburgh - and all of this without the crude or sarcastic punch-lines we Brits are so accustomed to. By the end Andre King had truly exposed himself to the audience - and not just because he performed a Maori dance topless as a kind of grand finale. This is comedy at its most civilised and sincere.
Broadway Baby

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this show, the title and the hair-do had me initially thinking of an Elvis retrospective. The fact he offered a money back guarantee if we did not like the show also piqued my interest. After all – who does that at the Fringe? However, as the lights dimmed and an unfamiliar language emanated from the darkness, Andre King strode larger than life onto the stage. Not more than ten seconds had passed when the first volley of laughter roared forth from the crowd, the first of many laughs that came thick and heavy throughout. The delivery and pace at which he performed clearly signposted the attributes of a very experienced circuit act.
King deftly led the audience from his humble beginnings in the antipodes to his arrival in the United Kingdom all with the aim of evolving into a better entertainer. His arrival a mix of confusion and realisation as he picked his way carefully through county and country mimicking the accent of each with the dexterity of a local. This was usually backed up by a cheer and raucous laughter from a native of that area. At the halfway mark, his extensive repertoire expanded into Europe and South East Asia, he is the epitome of a stranger in a strange land, with room in his mouth for not one but often two feet (a hallmark of the kiwi traveller according to King). Tales of Thai lady
boys, Romanian witch hunters and Dutch freedoms abound. We’re then treated to one of New Zealand’s most famous exports – The Kiwi Haka. This war dance is conducted half naked by this hulking behemoth and is delivered with sincerity, gratitude and passion doused with incisive observational wit. This was stand up comedy of the highest calibre, a delight for all who were fortunate enough to have witnessed it. The fact that he was able to balance humility and passion while delivering a devastatingly funny hour of stand-up comedy was worth more than the ten quid ticket on the door.
Cream Of The Fringe

Trucks & Trailers Auckland Christmas Function 2016. Dear Andre, I would like to thank you for the great night of entertainment that you provided at our Auckland 2016 Christmas function. You mingled well with the crowd to get to know them and gauge their level of humour that you then applied well. It was great to see you participate in the karaoke and also encourage others to do the same. The staff all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the humour that you provided. I would have no hesitation in booking your services again or recommending you to others
Service Manager
Trucks & Trailers Auckland

I am a Trustee of Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation, I retained the services of Andre King as MC for our fundraising event held at The Pullman in Auckland city. The event catered to 600 persons, of multiple religions and cultural backgrounds, Many of whom are part of the top cardio thoracic surgery teams in the world, in addition to various titans of industry who were in attendance. We knew this was going to be a difficult task for the MC which is why we opted to hire a professional. Within seconds of taking the stage as the MC, Andre King had the crowd in fits of laughter. He set the stage afire with his passion and his confidence. Something which could not have been
achieved without the empathy and insight he displayed to us in the weeks leading up to the event. His careful study of our unique position and how to present it in the best possible light saved us all a lot of time that would have been whittled away, fretting about the choices made. Andre King showed the benefit of his involvement, with good judgement and delivered a performance that most certainly exceeded our expectations. Our Charity raised over $150,000 on the night and I consider Andre King's role in all this was immense.
Kirit Patel Trustee,
Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation

Andre was the host and MC for our school's Comedy Club fundraiser this year. Andre was great to deal with, super speedy communication via email and really happy to help us out where we needed. As an MC and host for the night Andre was flawless, he held the gig together, provided a smooth transition between the acts and was excellent at managing the crowd. Andre was happy to work with us to plug the various fundraising activities we had running on the evening - which in our experience with other guest speakers hasn't always been the case. I would highly recommend Andre if you are looking for someone to assist you in putting on a similar event.
Friends of St Joseph's

We highly recommend Andre King, he has the ability to genuinely improve any event you may be planning. We have all heard “brilliantly funny” and that he is, even more though, Andre is also incredibly clever. He captivated and amused a large group of diverse personalities, exceeding all expectations. It is challenging to get a majority of our staff to agree at the best of times and yet Andre easily held the audience with his sheer talent and kept everyone interested, a truly humorous entertainer. The consensus is clear, simply an “excellent night, very funny”, thank you Andre. Both personally and professionally a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Mason Contractors Ltd

I have utilized Andre King as an MC and a comedian for both corporate and private events, and it is with great pleasure that I write a reference for him. Andre's performances have been nothing short of world class and those in attendance always comment positively for days after. Andre has a natural ability to command a room. but in a very relaxed and subtle manner. Andre 's delivery is well pitched for the audience , and his scope is well suited for many different occasions and situations. I thoroughly recommend him for any corporate or private events. He is very charming on and off stage, and displayed a wide topical knowledge, and also insight and research into the audience he is speaking to. That level of intelligence alone puts him a cut above most comedians. Andre has never failed to help strengthen our corporate brand positioning, or to become the pivotal success of a private function. A rare talent. I thoroughly recommend.

The Icehouse is committed to creating a high performing New Zealand economy where ideas and businesses thrive. We believe that to unleash the economic potential, we need to lift the capabilities and aspirations of owners, entrepreneurs and people who run start-up and SME businesses to enable them to take the business further. In my role as Relationship Manager I am always on the look-out for inspirational speakers, musicians, entertainers etc. Last year I went to a comedy evening put on by the Paddington Pub and Andre King was in the line-up and I thought he was the best comedian that evening. I have engaged Andre twice as an after-dinner comedian and he really connects with his audience. He is a master mimic, adopting different accents easily. What I particularly like is his ‘clean’ comedy which is both hilarious and appropriate. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andre to anyone who is looking for a stand-up comedian. Along with being funny he is also professional. He created a very welcome vibe in the room and after his session to stayed for a while to engage with all the guests.
Relationship Manager
The Icehouse

Amazing to deal with, very well organised and Andre kept us well informed every step of the way which in turn made organising this from our end a breeze. The feedback from everyone that attended was fantastic and the show was very well tailored to the members that came and also to Mosgiel (township)
Mosgiel RSA

I am just writing to confirm your wonderful efforts for the Carbine Club of Hong Kong. As you know, you appeared at three of our annual Rugby Sevens lunches in succession and also one of our International Races Luncheons a couple of years back. Our members and guests were delighted with your presentation and your humour. You were, in fact, one of the best received speakers we have had in my time in the Hong Kong Carbine Club (and that dates from 1998). As we discussed, the club’s events usually don’t allow for speakers to return all that quickly and the fact that you were invited to do the rugby event three years in a row speaks volumes. I am sure that, with a
little more water under the bridge, the new committee will be in touch about a return.
Carbine Club of Hong Kong