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Key Points for Andi Lew

  • Andi Lew created a ‘fat food movement’ with Eat Fat Be Thin. The title appeared on the Today Show and became a best seller in an hour. She quickly went on to publish Eat Fat Be Lean and now has 8 titles under her 'self published author’ belt, including Connected - A Paradigm Shift in How We View Health published in 2020.
  • Has spoken for the chiropractic profession and at chiropractic seminars and to the media about this misunderstood double science degree. In 2009, she won an award by the CAA Vic for her dedication to the profession in public education. To date, she is the only person in history to win this award that is not a chiropractor.
  • She has appeared as a guest speaker at many festivals and events such as the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Fitness Expos and was chosen to MC the Arnold Schwarzennegger Family Classic Walk at Federation Square.
  • Holden, Nissan, Australia Post, Telstra for Tween Talk with her son Beaudy, Red Energy, HWT, 3AW and some of the platforms she has been asked to train staff and inspire listeners.
  • She is a writer and regular contributor for Maxim magazine in Australia where she delivers monthly content about safe and respectful digital dating.
  • Has appeared on 60 Minutes with her second book The Modern Day Mother about attachment parenting and full term breastfeeding. The next morning she was flown to Sydney for a live retort on Mornings with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.
  • Andi is available for events throughout Australia and the US.

Topics for Andi Lew

  • Wellness and assimilation of nutrition
  • Digital detox, disconnect to reconnect
  • Digital dating and self love
  • Natural parenting in the modern world
  • Ergonomics, neurological stretches and work place health
  • Social media hacks

Testimonials for Andi Lew

Andi Lew has the theatre of the mic’.
Smooth FM

l've known Andi for many years and its rare to meet someone with such unwavering passion for health education. She has a unique knack for communicating complex messages in layman’s terms and continues to rise above the rubble of poor quality information.
Host of NZ’s Downsize Me
Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Naturopath

Andi Lew is one of the best presenters I've seen in her genre.
MGM non script shows