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Key Points for Nigel

  • Nigel's remarkable ability to memorize and recall up to 300 names after a brief encounter sets him apart, making him an ideal choice for events where personalization matters.
  • With over two decades of experience in corporate sectors such as financial markets and IT, Kerry brings invaluable insights to his role as an event MC and facilitator, enhancing the relevance and impact of conferences.
  • Nigel's stage shows are a delightful fusion of humor and magic, captivating audiences with interactive performances tailored to diverse event styles and audiences.
  • Nigel has pioneered a novel approach to trivia, integrating smart device technology to create fully automated and customizable trivia experiences, perfect for both in-person and online events.

Topics for Nigel

  • Nigel’s roving magic
    Experience the magic up close! Nigel's close-up roving magic is a perfect icebreaker, offering personalised entertainment that keeps guests engaged and entertained, whether they're seated or mingling.
  • Nigel’s stage show
    Nigel's stage presence is magnetic, offering a blend of stand-up comedy and magic that's interactive and tailored to fit any audience or event style. His remarkable memory feat of recalling names of up to 300 people after only a brief introduction is a highlight, making his show a unique spectacle in Australia!
  • Nigel the MC
    Seeking to inject energy and excitement into your event? Nigel is a celebrated Master of Ceremonies renowned for his ability to ensure your function flows seamlessly. Whether your event calls for a dignified host or a vibrant and engaging MC, Nigel is versatile enough to accommodate. He expertly merges his extensive knowledge and professionalism with his flair for entertainment, delivering your event's message in a manner that's not only enjoyable but also stimulates thoughtful engagement.
  • Q&A — Completely tailored and automated
    Nigel introduces an innovative, fully automated trivia experience that leverages data from your smart device to personalise the trivia content. This unique approach allows for the integration of custom company information, ensuring each event is distinctively tailored to its audience. Ideal for both in-person and virtual events, this platform offers a dynamic way to emphasise your conference themes, highlight sponsors, and engage participants with entertaining questions about staff, company departments, and general trivia.

Testimonials for Nigel

Nigel was very well received by our group and highly entertaining, they loved him.
Association of School Business Administrators SA and NT

Fantastic as always
MECCA Concepts Pty. Ltd.

Our audience was spellbound with Nigel’s performance. In a tricky to cater for industry his show was outstanding and captivating. Everyone has been raving about it ever since!!!
Almond Board of Australia

Nigel was one of the important ingredients in the success factor of our event. His humour and professionalism was spectacular, and the crowd loved him. As an MC for a 4 day event, he was again very professional, and a delight to work with. He went above and beyond the call when it came to his role and he made my job and that of my team so much easier. We threw many things at him, several last minute, and he came up shining each and every time. Nigel was quickly accepted as part of our (work) family, and was well received by everyone. The rapport he was able to build with our staff, and our conference guests was second to none. We’ll look forward to seeing him again at future events.
The Professionals Real Estate

Nigel was absolutely awesome. I couldn’t fault his performance in any way at all. I will definitely be making sure that we book him again. I want to pass on my congratulations to him, for being both a great performer and spectacular comic. Hang onto him - he’s a gem.
BIS Industrial

Excellent, fantastic, extremely entertaining! It’s very hard to please everyone, but Nigel did!! There is no doubt that I would recommend Nigel to anyone. I have already had several enquiries regarding Nigel and I’ll be passing them his information.
Australian Macadamia Society

I had only ever seen Nigel work once before for the Gold Coast Convention Centre Launch event, so I had not seen his whole act. He was superb and totally stunned the audience with his memory powers.
Lehman and Associates

Nigel had a tough audience of multi cultural global leaders and his ability to facilitate the conference along with his unique talent for entertaining was ideal and the feedback we received was extremely positive. I would recommend Nigel to any organisation that wished to introduce a blend of humour and life into a function and I would be confident in Nigel’s ability to reach any audience - whatever their composition.
KPMG Forensic

I found Nigel an excellent entertainer and would not hesitate to recommend him to colleagues and outside contacts.
BP Oil Refinery 

Nigel was magnificent. He worked around our formalities and even had his hand in our awards presentation ceremony. We took happy shots to prove it!
National Institute of Accountants 

Fantastic; very entertaining; involved the crowd; co operative; clever; just perfect for our program.
Nissan Australia 

Highly professional and entertaining. Great involvement of audience would look at utilizing his services again.
Elders Real Estate 

A wonderful performer who had the audience captivated. Excellent value for money - better than many performers who charge more!
IGA Pacific Pty Ltd 

Nigel has a very unique presentation which is both clever and very funny.
Lend Lease Financial Planning

Nigel received one of the best responses I have ever seen for a performer. The standing ovation was genuine and popularity evident as he was surrounded by delegates amazed at his performance.
DMP Marketing 

Excellent. Nigel was great. We loved the way Nigel interacted with our audience and got them involved in his act. We had a lot of feedback at the end of the day from our clients saying how Nigel was very funny and very entertaining. Everyone was impressed with his ability to not only remember everyone's name but also actually point him or her out as he walked around the tables. Very clever; most entertaining. Would highly recommend him.

Excellent. Nigel's stage show was engaging and funny. A great variety of magic and comedy that had the whole 2,500 person crowd laughing. An incredible ability to remember names that really has to be seen to be believed. Book now! We thoroughly recommend Nigel and know that we will book him again soon.  And to boot Nigel is a great bloke.
Wrights Public School

Nigel was absolutely fantastic.  Not only did he entertain our staff but he also played along with us as we set him up with a staff member that is single and they fooled everyone letting them think that Louise had a partner and nobody knew about it. Nigel was very professional and had us all enthralled.  I was the lucky staff member to be called up on stage and be his hands, which was fantastic, so thanks for the experience Nigel. We had fantastic feedback that it was the best Christmas Function they had been to and that was also thanks to Nigel. Nigel entertained the moment he arrived and didn’t stop until he left.
Taplin Corporation 

Excellent, fantastic, extremely entertaining! It's very hard to please everyone....but Nigel did!!! There is no doubt that I would recommend Nigel to anyone. I have already had several enquiries regarding Nigel and I will be passing on your information.
Australian Macadamia Society 

Excellent, Nigel has that excellent ability to connect with the audience so quickly and easily. He was the most talked about topic the next day.

Nigel was very funny & entertaining.  He did exactly as asked and was easy to work with. We are happy with the service he provided.
SPAR Aust Limited

Excellent, I was absolutely blown away with Nigel – he was fantastic. I still  today have people who were at  the event singing his praises. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking about using him for an evenings entertainment.
Construction Skills & Training Centre