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Key Points for Alison Crabb

  • Under Alison Crabb’s leadership her division grew profits from $18million to $49 million in eight years.
  • Alison lead multiple brands simultaneously, in excess of 200 stores and 1,400 people under the Flight Centre Travel Group.
  • She has worked with some of Australia’s largest and most recognised Retailers, including The Accent Group, The Reject Shop, Blue Illusion Lovisa, Strand bags, Bupa and Officeworks.
  • Alison Crabb was a finalised the Telstra Businesswomen of the year award.
  • She is Winner of the Director’s award for Global Outstanding Achievement.
  • Alison is the author of The Essential guide for Area Leaders in Retail.

Topics for Alison Crabb

  • The essential keys to being a successful Area Leader (multi-site leader)
  • How to create an environment that your people never want to leave
  • Understanding the motivational triggers that engage and retain your best people
  • Building an empowered leadership team
  • Why a philosophy of Humans first, employees second is crucial to business success

Testimonials for Alison Crabb

The workshop was focused specifically on our role, and it was the best session I’ve attended in my career, with many lightbulb moments.
Regional Manager

I and the team were hugely grateful for the time you spent with us, you continue to absolutely resonate with who we are and how we operate. Everybody got something worthwhile. I do look forward to a continuing relationship with you through our various brands. Thank you so much, we are better because of the time you spent with us.
Chairman & Founder
BBRC Group

Alison has presented at our Chief Customer Officer Forum and the case studies she shared resonated very well with the audience. She was able to distill key lessons from her experience as a leader at Flight Centre and draw out the lessons for others in what drove the success of that business.

Alison session has had powerful and immediate day to day changes and given both myself and my team a better understanding of the role and best practice for how it's performed. I understand the skillset and behavioural attributes to succeed in the role and better support those transitioning from Store Manager to Area Manager. Alison's motivation to see leaders thrive in their field is obvious, genuine, and inspiring. My team and I will take some truly powerful learnings with us forever.
State Manager
The Athletes Foot

Alison helped me better understand why drives my people, which has helped me create a positive culture with increased engagement and motivation across my team. I can help my team feel more in control of their workload and set up for success.
State Manager

Learning about the key motivators that improve retention and engagement has given me a greater appreciation and understanding of my team. I can now build a sense of community and encourage and mentor my team to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I have more confidence in my ability to lead, express my own needs, and apply the skills I've learned in various roles.
Area Manager

I can now focus on the crucial day-to-day requirements and spend less time on things that aren’t relevant. My store visits are more productive and impactful. I head into stores with a plan, execute and feel much more worthwhile and relevant as an Area Manager.
Area Manager
The Athletes Foot VIC/TAS