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Key Points for Akash Karia

  • Akash Karia is the founder of HPX Institute, a global consulting and training firm providing high performance solutions for some of the best companies in the world.
  • Consistently one of the highest-rated speakers at conferences, Akash Karia's sessions are fun, interactive and engaging. He has spoken to over 180,000 people on 4 continents, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government entities to startups.
  • Each of Akash Karia's programs - whether it's a workshop or a keynote - is tailored specifically for your audience. The result? A program that is relevant to you and your audience.
  • Akash Karia presents practical tools that your audience can use immediately. He blends storytelling, real-world case studies and the latest research from the fields of psychology, organizational behavior and neuroscience to move your audience to action.
  • Akash Karia is a three-time #1 Most Popular Business Author on Amazon (Kindle). His books have sold over 250,000 copies globally, and have been translated into Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Akash Karia's work and advice has appeared on The New York Times, TEDx, CEO-Training, Capital TV, Thrive Global, Fast Company, Forbes, and many more.

Topics for Akash Karia

  • Storytelling
    Stories build trust, drive sales, create loyalty, increase influence, and much more.
    This program covers:
    The science of storytelling
    The 5-step storytelling structure
    How to use stories to influence and persuade any audience
    Storytelling case studies
    How to bring data to life using stories
    Noticeable differences in the ability of your team to craft and deliver their message
    Increased confidence among participants
  • Wellbeing & vitality
    The wellbeing of your employees is the wellbeing of your organization. When you boost employee wellbeing, you boost organizational health. The result is increased morale, higher productivity, greater resilience, and lower turnover.
    This program covers:
    What wellbeing looks like and why it matters
    How to develop emotional, mental and physical fitness
    Habits for high performance
    Interactive exercises to help the audience develop an action plan
    Create measurable and sustainable increases in employee wellbeing
    Reduce burnout and improve morale
    Increased productivity through better wellbeing habits
    Increase mental, physical and emotional fitness
  • Resilience & stress
    We live in a rapidly changing world, where there are a lot of pressures and demands on employees. How do you help employees harness the right mindsets and habits to achieve sustainable high performance?
    This program covers:
    Finding purpose and meaning at work
    Myths about stress
    Re-framing stress
    Habits for high performance
    Challenge-response vs. stress response
    The power of macro and micro-recovery
    Create a healthier mindset about managing stress
    Increased resilience and ability to deal with adversity and change
    Greater connection to organizational and individual purpose at work
  • High-performance habits
    How do you help employees take ownership of their work, become quality ambassadors, and create work and life habits that will allow them to perform at their peak?
    This signature program covers:
    Adopting a “continuous improvement” mindset
    Creating emotional, mental and physical habits for high performance and wellbeing
    Science-backed strategies for creating lifelong habits
    Focus on continuous improvement
    Increased motivation and morale
    Fully engaged and energized employees

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