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Key Points for Adam Axford

  • Adam Axford has been an entrepreneur since age 12. Never once bound by conventional employment.
  • He is a magician/mentalist – psychological influence, predictions, sleight of hand. 15 years of professional experience across 15 countries.
  • A wordsmith – a fascination with wordplay expressed through poetic pieces which add a deeper meaning to the “tricks” and experiments.
  • A filmmaker since 2011, Adam has consistently created short films focussed around magic and language. Some of these are presented during live shows.

Topics for Adam Axford

  • AWESTRUCK: Connecting curiosity through awe & wonder
    Show / interactive presentation
    Why is wonder so elusive, where can we find it and how does it impact our creativity, connections and well-being?
    AWESTRUCK unpacks the power of awe & wonder, why we need it and how to experience more of it in our daily lives.
    Akin to a fresh set of lenses and a new perspective, AWESTRUCK explores tools we can use daily to transform our experience and extract magic from the moment.

    • Increase creative capacity.
    • Restore passion and purpose.
    • Establish sincere connections.
    • Reframe trauma.
    • Realise one’s potential.

With custom video clips, a mystery package and moments which actively involve the entire room, AWESTRUCK offers an artful exploration of awe & wonder that delivers just that – moments which connect, inspire and blow our minds wide open.

  • The EnvironMENTALIST show
    Exploring ideas of sustainability and conservation in a positive light, Adam creates visual illusions and mental mind-blowers to inspire his audience about important issues in a fun, relatable manner.

  • Virtually impossible virtual show
    This fully interactive online show has been celebrated internationally from the likes of Google, Amazon, Cisco & Adobe. Encouraging group participation and collective decisions, the show mixes visual illusions and psychological experiments, building to (virtually) impossible moments.

Testimonials for Adam Axford

Adam is more than a magician, he is a creator of change.
Lain Tapsall
Environmental Citizen of the Year 2019

Just wanted to formally say a massive thank you again for such a spectacular show! I can say on the behalf of the team and the EY participants/attendees, we were all magically astonished and fascinated by your incredible talents. What a way to end our Learning Expo! We cannot thank you enough – it really was something different and helped connect our colleagues during these virtual times. Thanks so much Adam, you are a real master.
Ernst & Young

The feedback has been absolutely fabulous with many of us still trying to figure out how you do it. By far the most entertaining hour of the day.