Rosemary Stanton

Rosemary Stanton

A nutritionist with impressive credentials who has a major intersest in promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Rosemary Stanton is a nutritionist with a science degree in biochemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, post-graduate qualifications in nutrition and dietetics, a graduate diploma in administration and a PhD for her work in public health. She has also been awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to community health through education in nutrition and dietetics.

The author of many scientific papers, 30 books on food and nutrition, over 3000 articles for magazines and newspapers as well as chapters in various textbooks, Rosemary is also a regular presenter on Burkes Backyard, averages 10 radio interviews a week, and lectures to medical students, doctors, teachers, nurses, sporting groups and the general public.

Rosemary is currently a member of the NSW Health Department's Food Advisory Committee, an Honorary Visiting Fellow in the School of Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of New South Wales, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Boston University School of Medicine, the Medical-Scientific Advisory Board of Osteoporosis Australia, the National Expert Advisory Committee on Alcohol, the Council of The Gut Foundation and a member of the Advisory Board of the Smart Food Centre at Wollongong University.

She is also a member of the Public Health Association of Australia, the Dieticians' Association of Australia, The Nutrition Society, The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, The Australian Sports Medicine Association, the Medical Writers' Association and the Food Media Club.

Rosemary maintains a close liaison with the consumer viewpoint and is widely regarded as a spokesperson that is not beholden to any one interest group. Her major aim is to change Australians' poor eating habits so that people have healthier diets, and eat more enjoyable foods, which create minimal environmental damage. She has a particular interest in obesity, children’s nutrition and public health nutrition and maintains equal interests in the twin areas of food and nutrition.

Presentation Topics
  • Obesity, children’s nutrition and public health nutrition
  • Food and nutrition
  • Healthy and balanced lifestyle

“Excellent.  Rosemary was just fantastic, very positive comments regarding her presentation.”
Australian Institute of Environmental Health TAS
“Fantastic. She was the highlight of our conference and everyone loved her.”
Carlson Hotels Asia Pacific

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