Peter Blasina

Peter Blasina

“The Gadget Guy” on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, Peter is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts on technological developments.

Recognised as one of the foremost commentators on technology developments, Peter Blasina often reviews and analyses a broad range of electronics, communications, computer, video and multimedia products. Peter travels widely, attending industry conventions and technology exhibitions in Asia, North America and Europe. His time abroad is spent researching the latest market dynamics, change and trends in the convergence of IT, communications and consumer electronics.

Key Points

  • Peter Blasina is The Gadget Guy on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program.
  • A well-known nationally, Peter frequently appears in mainstream daily newspapers and key technology magazines, as well as on radio and television.
  • Peter is an expert on technological developments and their impact on both businesses and consumers.
  • As a small business owner himself, Peter is well aware of the impact technology can have on the bottom line.
  • Peter’s the National Cyber Safety Ambassador for the Federal Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.
  • He’s famed for his collection of Hawaiian shirts!


A regular on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, Peter Blasina’s main area of interest is the impact technology is having on businesses and their customers. He profiles new technology and explains the background to the way different technologies are being integrated into consumers’ lives.

An expert on technology trends and the latest innovations, Peter has in-depth of knowledge and incisive understanding of the technology industry and is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost commentators on technology developments.

Peter’s more than a theorist - he has extensive practical experience negotiating the rapidly changing business environment in the face of technological change. As a hand-on small business owner and operator, Peter is keenly aware of the impact technology has on the bottom line. Like other people in business, he is constantly working to modify his own business practices in the light of these changes. His company is the Gadget Group, and its activities include publishing, video production, marketing and advertising.

He’s well aware that many small and medium business operators are concerned that accelerations in commercial change will lead to them becoming “digital refugees” in the technology driven business environment of the future. The increase of e-commerce and cyber-business predicted to occur over the next few years will displace many of the businesses that fail to adapt.

Peter Blasina offers options, solutions and ideas about how businesses need to operate in the current environment and how they can cope and grow towards the future. Through interesting, interactive presentations he offers guidance, enlightenment and education which can effectively eliminate much of the fear and insecurity of today’s business environment.

Peter is also a veteran of the Australian Hall of Journalism and is regularly acknowledged for his valuable contribution to the high standard of IT journalism, both locally and overseas.

He was formerly a technology reporter for Channel Nine’s Business Sunday and can be heard weekly presenting both business and technology issues on Nightlife with Tony Delroy on ABC Radio, which is broadcast nationally through 87 ABC affiliate stations.

In addition to his business and media commitments, Peter is also the National Cyber Safety Ambassador for the Federal Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

Peter is also regularly called upon to deliver keynote presentations and technology updates at a variety of corporate events, conferences and industry meetings both locally and overseas. Due to his in-depth of knowledge and incisive understanding of the technology industry, Peter is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost commentators in the field.

Presentation Topics
  • Online Adventure
  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • E-commerce & the Future

Excellent - Peter provided an excellent and exciting presentation to our audience of small business people showing what the future holds in this exciting era of new technology especially for our Broken Hill region with the National Broadband Network rollout for use very soon. Pete was very accommodating and very personable. 
Regional Development Australia

Excellent - Peter is an excellent presenter - his presentations were interesting and informative and he does a fantastic job of engaging the audience. His participation in the panel also worked well - interaction with the other panel members and engagement with the audience were excellent.
Uni SA

Excellent - Peter provided an informative look at the world of IT showing clearly how quickly change is occurring. Some amazing information collected on his recent visit to the States. As always he is a very engaging and entertaining speaker who makes his topic come alive.
Assoc of School Bursars & Administrators

“Peter was extremely well received by all the conference participants who continued to comment on his presentation for the remainder of the conference. He is definitely a possibility for a repeat performance next year.”
Randwick City Library

“Peter is a great charismatic speaker and was a valuable edition to the day.”
DAVINCI Selectwork 


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