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Key Points for Wanitha Tanasingam

  • Alchemist / Storyteller. Admired for her ability to teach lessons in business by drawing out metaphors to food and culture, Wanitha makes palatable even the “hard to swallow.”
  • Captivating Presence. Wanitha was a chef presenter on Channel 7 Morning Shift. Dubbed “The Love Goddess”, the popularity of her segment saw the time slot increased from 3 to 11 minutes.
  • PR Savvy. As government-sponsored “Malaysian Food Ambassador” for 2 years, Wanitha co-hosted and MC’ed a program for 500 leading journalists, food and trade delegates.
  • Creative. For a Sydney-sponsored Asian Arts and Music Festival, Wanitha wrote, produced, and starred in a performance at the Opera house, winning the award for the most engaging performance.
  • Pioneering. Wanitha entered hospitality when women were not welcome in commercial kitchens, even less so Asian women. Still, she thrived, from restaurants to cooking schools and beyond.
  • Business Smarts. Wanitha pioneered the concept of cooking as a team building medium in 2000. She has since helped grow the sector, providing creative direction in three leading businesses.

Topics for Wanitha Tanasingam

  • Creativity and innovation
    When there are difficulties that challenge us and create uncertainty, anxiety can block problem solving. Learn to inspire creativity and innovation by stimulating the senses rather than the mind to sidestep anxiety and remove mental blocks.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    For many people, our differences often are seen as defining us. The fact we all must eat to live makes us all essentially human. Enjoy this exploration of how cooking and eating together unites our species.
  • Wellbeing
    The very desires that fuel our everyday achievement and life direction can also bring great harm if fulfilled without consciousness. Learn to optimise your wellbeing by balancing your needs and desires.
  • Mindfulness
    From remembering where you left your keys to greater clarify in life and work, mindfulness practice helps us step back from automatic responses that cut us off from experience. In cooking, we call this stirring with intention. Learn specific, powerful techniques for stirring with intention.
  • Motivation
    Too often, achieving goals feels empty. For true success, ensure your goals align with your emotional drivers. Learn how to identify your emotional drivers and align your goals with your deepest desires to achieve true satisfaction.
  • Teambuilding
    Successful teamwork requires understanding how to communicate with different people. Successful communication depends on an interplay of the team’s personality types, “languages” spoken, body language, culture, and context. This framework provides powerful leverage for connection.

Testimonials for Wanitha Tanasingam

Wanitha Tanasingam was a delight in every way. We at DB Schenker had the privilege to have Wanitha as one of our special guest speakers during our celebration of Diversity Week 2022 where she shared some of her life's journey with us and our employees who joined virtually.
Wanitha is warm, inspiring, encouraging, positive, genuine and holds attention in the most dynamic way. Her voice is full of passion and her smile is contagious. Her content is impactful and challenging in a way that leaves the audience inspired to do better, be more but also comfortable in their uniqueness. I can't recommend Wanitha more for any future event either live or virtual. We also very much enjoyed our collaboration together in preparation for the event where Wanitha shared a few recipes for our International Cookbook. She was also flexible in what our vision was for the event and she found a way to perfectly match what we needed. Our employees appreciated her sharing and we received much positive feedback in the chat during the event and post-event. You would be lucky to partner with her for any of your corporate needs.
Leadership Development Solutions, Culture & D&I
Global People Excellence

Wanitha stands out in her professionalism and her fantastic skills in connecting people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. She always understands people and the business side and has a strong ability to see things in their deeper meaning and purpose. Wanitha influences people to do things better and in a positive way! Wanitha gives food life and gives life positive energies. The way she presents foods and its impact to people, business and environment inspires me. As, Global Strategic Account Director, I have 20 years of experience working in the professional services sector, including world leading banks and large consulting firms. I met Wanitha in 2016 on an event organized by Australia & China Business Council NSW. Now we stay in touch regularly. In my many meetings with Wanitha, I have been always inspired by her strong work ethic, genuine care about people and her humor. I feel a big heart in Wanitha that leads people to see more meaning in work and life through working with her.
Account Director, Strategic Account Management
GlobalData Australia

It has been my pleasure to have participated in a number of Wanitha's corporate events. Always, she was the heart and soul of the event. Wanitha's passion for food, culture, life, sustainability, and love is infectious and has created a lasting impression on our team from executives to front line staff. They all remember Wanitha and have incorporated many of her life and cooking lessons into their own routines. This in turn adds to our employee value proposition and sense of being part of a company with soul. Wanitha's events are delicious for the heart, soul and tummy! I have no hesitation in recommending Wanitha to lead any corporate event. Cook on Wanitha!
CISSP, Director

Wanitha is the most delicious motivational speaker and facilitator, using the medium of food to speak with authenticity and passion of leadership, building community and teams, diversity and inclusion, love and mindfulness, and health, wellbeing and lifestyle. It has been my absolute pleasure over many years to have run or participated in corporate events at which Wanitha has been leading, facilitating, or addressing sessions from small groups of executives to large groups of hundreds of people. I have no hesitation in recommending Wanitha for your corporate event.
Chief Executive

Ours was a splendidly eloquent and inspiring team event. A brilliant demonstration of all the vital elements that unite a team – humour, trust, respect, energy, results! Victor’s enormous erudition and Wanitha’s interpretative audacity ensured the evening was bravura. In other words, everything we hoped to achieve and more! I have already recommended VictorsFood to a wide range of associates.
Senior Vice President
Commonwealth Bank

Many thanks for hosting my management team. I have to say the event was just awesome. Over the years I have done many events; this is my favourite by far. The atmosphere that is created has pressure but loaded with fun, which makes for great team spirit. The descriptions of the prepared food and the tips provided by Victor were nothing short of a Michelin star. Finally, Wanitha. If I could bottle her enthusiasm and sprinkle it around then all the projects that we undertake would be a great success, and above all, our customers would love us.
Director of IT

Wanitha and I were introduced a number of years ago. Her professionalism, and amazing passion for connecting and communicating with people through the medium of food is outstanding. When I needed to create a companywide event that would be exciting, fun, informative, ignite people’s passion, and generate a little competition with a lot of cooperation and respect for each other, immediately I thought of Wanitha. The event was a huge success, achieving all objectives 110%. With almost 25 years in telecommunications across the UK and Australia, I find the events I have attended that Wanitha organised are outstanding for building teams and reducing the competitive nature within teams. Her attention to detail, understanding the requirements and goals of the business and the purpose of the event and then creatively delivering on that understanding are second to none...
Former National Manager
Wireless Asset Partners (A Stilmark Group Company)