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Key Points for Reanna Browne

  • Reanna Browne is an academically trained and practicing futurist with of focus on practicality come Monday. She helps people and organisations to change the way they think about the future to change how they think about action in the present. ‘When we change the way, we think about the future we change the way we act in the present’. Reanna’s combines her experience and education in futures studies to deliver one-of-a-kind keynotes that help clients to ‘unlearn’ the way they think about the future in order to think differently about action in the present.
  • With an adjacent background in Human Resources + Organisational Design and Development – Reanna focuses on the practical application of futures and foresight work asking ‘what happens come Monday?’ Ensuring that any of her keynotes move from ‘interesting’ to important actions.
  • Reanna is a recognised voice on the future of work across media outlets nationally – including ABC, 2GB, Australian Financial Review and other media.
  • Reanna is a former elite athlete representing Queensland, the Australian Shooting Stars and Lancashire Country Cricket Club (UK) in cricket and the Australian Women’s Gaelic Football team.

Topics for Reanna Browne

  • Unlearning the future - New thinking for new times
    • Key futures thinking concepts and ideas that will change the way you think about the future and about action today.
    • Ideas that help you to ‘keep the lights on’ and design more viable futures.
    • Practical tips on ‘what you might do come Monday’.
    • This talk also includes key trends and emerging issues around any specific topic – eg futures of wood, work, business etc.
  • Futures of X
    • Key trends and insights on the future of X (eg work, workers, sport, food, unions, farming etc).
    • New ways to think about the future/ change.
    • Practical ideas on how to make sense and prioritise change.
    • Exploration of so what? (implications) and now what? (potential actions) around the topic that participants can take with them come Monday.
  • Seeing around corners – How to anticipate and navigate change
    • Core unlearning + futures thinking principles and ideas.
    • High level overview of how futurists think about change.
    • Examples of scanning insights – where to look, how to find them etc.
    • High level overview of how to go form FORESIGHT to INSIGHT to ACTION.
  • How to disrupt short termism – New thinking and new approaches
  • Rethinking strategy and strategic planning
  • Rethinking HR – New thinking for new times
  • Futures thinking for Execs & Boards – New thinking for new (post-normal) times
  • Foresight and innovation

Testimonials for Reanna Browne

One of the true original minds on rewiring our approach to work futures.
Future Fit

Reanna’s presentation was outstanding! Thought provoking and applicable to lots of topics.
Grain Farmer

Reanna’s presentation was incredible, and more people need to hear it!
Farmer & Agronomist

Definitely the highlight of the conference. Well done on brining your provocateur big thinking to kick us off.
HR Executive

Amazing session! The best on the futures of work that I have ever attended.
Executive - People & Culture

Reanna’s session was one of the best sessions of who whole conference.
People & Culture Business Partner

Wow what a great presentation!
CEO, Strategy, Innovation and Growth Advisory

Great way to kick of the conference – very engaging.
Property & Strategy Expert

Brilliant session! Reanna was engaging and thought provoking.
HR Agility and HR Consultant

Fantastic session, really enjoyed imagining the ridiculous future of sport.
Player Development Manager

Reanna’s sessions was the best part of the conference – I immediately started to rethink a lot of what we do.
Player Development Manager

Thank you for delivering such a power thought provoking session - the best part of the whole conference.
Lead Player Development Manager