Ask about Neryl Joyce
Key Points
  • Neryl was a Military Police Officer in the Australian Army.
  • The first female Army officer to be qualified in Combat Close Personal Protection.
  • Worked as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq and was employed by US security company Blackwater.
  • Wrote Mercenary Mum, a biography detailing her journey from young mother to Baghdad Bodyguard.
  • Has appeared on such shows as Channel 10’s Studio 10, Channel 9’s A Current Affair and the Today Show, and Channel 7’s Today Tonight Program.
  • Has made numerous radio appearances including the ABC’s Conversations with Richard Fidler and 2 GB’s Drive with Ben Fordham.
  • Has signed a contract with a Hollywood heavyweight to have her life story adapted into a TV series or movie.
  • Mercenary Mum
    A gripping and tragic story referencing leadership, organisational culture and adversity in a challenging and high stakes environment. Neryl will take you on a journey where every decision has a risk and every action can have a devastating consequence. Follow her story as she takes you from training to be a Jedi warrior as a child, to protecting VIPs on the streets of war-torn Baghdad. Experience the raw emotion; but more importantly, discover something about yourself and the everyday superhero within.
  • Importance of ethical leadership
  • Importance of team training and preparing for unknown events
  • Women in leadership/ Women in male dominated industry/ Empowering women
  • Overcoming adversity and thriving
  • Organisational culture
  • Assessing risk in the workplace

Neryl delivered a fabulous presentation with the right out of humour, sarcasm, wit and insight which had our audience full engrossed with a mixture of laughs, tears and awe.  
Schneider Electric

Neryl was most pleasant and down to earth. She kept our audience captivated and her story was like a good novel - full of twists and turns. Fantastic presentation especially to a forum of ladies.