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Key Points for Natasha Short

  • Natasha Short is a Kimberley Indigenous woman based in Kununurra WA who specialises in matters relating to the empowerment of Aboriginal people with a focus on women and Indigenous led enterprise.
  • She founded Kimberley Jiyigas (Birds) in 2018 with a focus to amplify iIndigenous women's voices, promote Indigenous culture and enable more iIndigenous led enterprises.
  • Natasha is the Managing Director of Kimberley Birds, a collective of Kimberley Indigenous women who are role models and leaders within the Kimberley community.
  • She works from a strengths-based approach and highlights the successes of Indigenous people.
  • In addition to being the Managing Director of Kimberley Birds, she is the Club Captain of the Maganda (Tomorrow in Jaru) Makers initiative which seeks to empower Kimberley Indigenous women into business operations.
  • Natasha is the Host of the Kimberley SHEro podcast which can be found on Spotify or Apple podcasts where she interviews Kimberley Indigenous women on their life stories and will launch the second series in 2023 which will have a focus on Indigenous women in Business.
  • Natasha is the author of the publication Kimberley SHEro and Not So Secret Women's Business released in March 2022.She is a descendant of the Jaru people of Halls Creek, born and raised in the East Kimberley.

Topics for Natasha Short

  • Indigenous culture and leadership
  • Kimberley entrepreneurship
  • Women's empowerment
  • Motivational

Testimonials for Natasha Short

Natasha was a perfect fit for our event. She was a fantastic and well prepared speaker. 
Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Natasha Short speaks from the heart, authentically from a place of deep knowledge and experience. Inspiring, entrepreneurial, and eloquent, Natasha will deepen your understanding of indigenous culture, connect you to the issues of the day and most importantly, engage you in the conversations that are imperative if we are to prioritise the 'greater good' for all Australians.
Menzies Foundation

Natasha is one of the most gifted communicators that l've ever met. She draws from deep wells of personal experience, decades of community development work and the many Kimberley Elders that guide and advise her. Her presentation (in any forum/format) is compelling and authentic. I highly recommend her for any organisation interested in understanding the real and tangible steps they can take to support social and economic empowerment for First Australians.
Non-Executive Director
TEDex Speaker

Thank you so much for presenting at our International Women's Day event on Sunday. Uou're an incredible speaker and your speech was thought provoking and empowering. It gave me goosebumps listening to you.
Coordinator of Operations
Kununurra Neighbourhood House