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Key Points for Nancy Rademaker

  • Nancy Rademaker is a global leader on customer centricity and how technology impacts customer behaviour.
  • She has over 20 years experience working for global IT companies in how technology is transforming society. 
  • For five years, she worked for Microsoft in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • Her travels to innovation hubs ensures Nancy's keynote content and examples are on the cutting edge of latest global technologies, developments and disruptive new business models. 
  • Her knowledge and experience allows her to identify and suggest solutions and tools for executive and board level players. 

Topics for Nancy Rademaker

  • Extreme customer centricity in a networked world
    In her keynote "Extreme Customer Centricity In A Networked World", Nancy helps organizations grasp how ‘The New Normal’ – in which 'digital' has become the norm – has transformed our work environment into a dense network. She explains how this has changed customer behaviour and the speed of the market, and how companies themselves need to become a network if they want to survive. But, above all, she shows how companies have to put the customer first if they want to be successful. Not just as a nice slogan, but as a rational program of drastic change, in which processes and procedures have to be rethought from scratch: a program in which 'digital' plays a key role in order to give customers what they want in a warm and human manner.

  • Market leadership in the day after tomorrow
    Exponentially evolving technology is transforming the outside world like never before. The world of business, too, is changing at the same speed of light and leaders are having a hard time catching up and moving ahead to thrive in The Day After Tomorrow.

    But where must they start? How can they look 30 years forward into an increasingly complex and uncertain future and translate this outlook into a workable plan for the next 3 months? How can they adopt a new mental model? Is it really all about technology? Isn’t it more about changing customer behaviour? Why should everything be fast, fun and easy? And why is data the new oil and AI a blessing?

    The answer is clear. To keep evolving, you have to abandon traditional linear ways of thinking. You have to let the world inspire you. You must look beyond ‘just’ the technology. You must zoom in on the needs of your customers and put them first. Above all, you have to focus on the possibilities out there and keep experimenting.

  • How to get ready for an artificial intelligence

    Internet was the first wave, Mobile was the second, and now we are on Day Two of the next big wave: Artificial Intelligence. We are no longer able to imagine a world without the Internet, we will not be able to imagine a world without AI in just a few years from now. In order to prepare ourselves for this future, it is crucial to gain some understanding on the topic of AI.

    This keynote speech provides an easy to understand overview of what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works. Terms like ‘algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, narrow AI, general AI, autonomous AI, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, speech synthesis, image generation and predictive maintenance’ – to name just a few -, will finally become clear.

    But most importantly, Nancy will convey what Artificial Intelligence can do and how it can contribute to improving your business, mainly through acquiring deeper customer knowledge and delivering better, more proactive and personalized customer experiences.
  • How to Organize a networked company

    The new environment is a networked one and to survive you have to become a network yourself. Traditional hierarchical structures will have to be replaced and a shift in culture is key to the success of digital transformation. In order to get your company in shape for the day after tomorrow, it needs to be able to follow the customer, so by definition it needs to be agile and networked. Nancy discusses the need for change in leadership, in the workforce skillset, the use of social technologies and above all, culture.

  • Healthcare in the day after tomorrow – Patient centricity is the leading game

    Nothing is more important to us than our health, and it will be the healthcare sector that is going to be redefined completely by technology. The whole of humanity will be affected.

    Digital has become the New Normal. Mobile has become the New Normal. So have Big & Small Data, Artificial Intelligence and Networks. This keynote speech thoroughly demonstrates how these technological factors have largely affected human behaviour. Healthcare will be driven much more by consumers than physicians as the patient is taking control of his own health and his own treatment. In this hyperconnected world, any healthcare company needs to become agile and adopt a fluid strategy.

    We can learn from disrupters, as they put the customer in the centre of everything they do. Patient centricity will be THE leading game. A new mindset is key to survive, healthcare companies will need to rethink their strategy, but also adopt value-driven behaviour embedded in a new type of culture and accompanied by a new type of management structure. This presentation not only focuses on the required strategic shifts, but also provides very practical things you can start doing as of tomorrow.

    Using thought provoking images, short videos and a great sense of humour, this fast-paced keynote speech will appeal to anyone working in a healthcare related company!

Testimonials for Nancy Rademaker

Nancy is an extremely professional, classy and insightful keynote speaker. Her use of slideware, video and graphic images to enhance her eloquent delivery keeps everyone engaged throughout and leaves them with a visual impact of her key messages. Her presentation was on topic to the brief given and she was a pleasure to work with before, during and after her engagement with NEXTGEN. She was a large part of making our Leadership Forum a fantastic event that our customers are still talking about!
Group CEO

Nancy Rademaker was a memorable and thought-provoking keynote speaker, housing the rare ability to position technology truly through the eyes of the customer. Through unique insights and expert delivery, Nancy set a tone for our conference that we could never have achieved on our own. The content ensured alignment from all other speakers and sponsors - in fact, some actually changed their own slide decks and presentations to better align with Nancy’s messaging. This is a true indication of someone with an unrivalled understanding of customer value. One of the leading authorities on this topic globally, without question. 
Editorial Director of Asia Pacific
IDG Communications