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Key Points for Mimi Nicklin

  • Mimi Nicklin is the internationally bestselling author of ‘Softening The Edge,’ the Founder of the world’s widest reaching organisational empathy platform, www.EmpathyEverywhere.co, and the top 5 rated podcast host of ‘Mimi-YouYou’ show.
  • Aspirational yet accessible, with a charismatic and infectious stage presence Mimi is a truly global leader and personality. A CEO, global bestselling author, keynote speaker and deeply personable coach, with over 18 years experience across 25+ markets, her commitment to her craft is both contagious and utterly authentic, capturing audiences instantly. Her passion to help make the world a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably connected place to be is as infectious as it is needed. And, given her current momentum, she might just be the change we have been waiting for.
  • She is a well-known keynote speaker, contributor and advocate for the global movement to balance humanism and capitalism in our workplaces. She has 60,000 followers and has trained 12,500+ students in Fortune 500 organisations, focusing on the future of Empathetic leadership.
    An inclusive millennial leader, she passionately talks about empathy as the road to higher performance, workplace wellness, multigenerational team engagement, effective communication & conflict management.
  • Three decades of declining empathy levels and skyrocketing levels of burnout and loneliness have left our world and our organisations disconnected, anxiety ridden and suffering from a void of innovation & creativity. We are seeing a concerning increase in under-performance, low morale, high absenteeism, burn out and deep generational gaps. As organisations and people, we are no longer thriving. We have forgotten that we are pro social species, that we work better together, and that listening is the core of all success. Mimi is setting out to fix this.

Topics for Mimi Nicklin

  • The connection prescription
    The habit that will save your life, isn’t what you think.
  • Unheard
    The power of listening led leadership for improved performance.
  • The bandaid isn’t enough
    Psychological safety at work masterclass.
  • Resolution now
    Overcoming conflict and approaching change masterclass.
  • Embrace tomorrow
    Transformational leadership for multi generational organisations.
  • How to create the connection prescription
    Improved wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

Testimonials for Mimi Nicklin

Your keynote was one of the most impactful parts of our entire regional EMEA event.
Strategic Planning Director
Daikin Europe

We have been running these sessions for over 2 years and no-one has received a perfect score across 8 countries before!!
Regional Director - Talent & Culture

Mimi , you opened our eyes to something that was always there and we never saw. This will change the way to work going forward.
Vice President - Operations
Emirates Group, UAE

This is our fourth time working with Mimi. She delivers such powerful content. Every organisation should have access to this.
Chief Talent Officer
Capgemimi, India

Working with Mimi is like having a golden ticket. Her knowledge of industry is supported by a deep understanding of people and what matters to them today. There are very few people that deliver consistently to the standard that Mimi does. She can safely be called outstanding.
Promise, South Africa