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Key Points
  • Mark Carter’s recent TEDx talk was featured on the main Canadian TED website home page.
  • In 2016, Mark published his first book Ignite Your Potential, a 7-year passion project focusing on untangling behavioural science into 22 tools for personal development and peak performance. His latest book, published globally by Wiley is Add Value: Discover Your Values, Find Your Worth, Gain Fulfilment in Your Personal and Professional Life.
    Why truly knowing what we value—and why—is the real basis of success.
  • Has held senior and strategic leadership development roles globally.
  • Spent two decades as a learning and development professional, building learning frameworks for blue chip billion-dollar companies and SME's.
  • 10 years of experience working with Contiki and Travcorp in leadership roles, has given him an incredible insight into human behaviour.
  • Is an authority on peak performance, productivity, leadership, talent development, sales, culture, resilience, behavioural science, business and ethics.
  • An accomplished development professional for over 20 years with multiple accreditations, Mark has built various learning and development frameworks for businesses of all sizes.
  • A leading specialist for the virtual and hybrid world, Mark has implemented and custom-built learning management systems and spent more than two years heading up learning for virtual, live and hybrid solutions across Asia Pacific for a web conferencing company.
  • Mark is a recurrent contributor to mainstream media, TV, radio and leading publications including Harvard Business Review.

Mark’s uniquely bespoke approach to keynotes and presentations are tailored to your business or event, with each topic ensuring practical and measurable results.

Simultaneously, he leads and recommends specific themes and topics to get on the front foot ahead of trends. Currently, those themes include:

  • Son et lumière - Add Value!
    In this age of the digital era and experience economy, the concept of adding value has virtually become a mantra and a daily hashtag.

    The bespoke approach for this keynote utilises fresh content relating to Mark's TEDx talk and expanding on his second book Add Value. It's been adapted for businesses and conferences in an exceptionally creative and highly engaging method.
    • A single stream of cinematic footage
    • Light and sound show behind the presentation
    • Bespoke content elements
    • Credible quantitative research

Mark has a further 3 signature keynotes already in this highly engaging style:

  • Leadership
    An experiential keynote for ongoing talent development, team building, character cultivation, resilience and leadership / management tools.
  • Culture
    A creative session to help transform your culture, improve communications and connections in the digital age, for team building and creating high performing, tightly bonded teams and external ambassadors in the experience economy.
  • Orator
    Presentation skills for internal or external presentations (including pitching and sales), train the trainer, facilitation skills and a master class in stagecraft presenting.

Other bespoke keynotes include:

  • Ignite Your Potential
    This is a pathway and manual for continued personal growth. This includes targeting practical actions associated with behavioural science, communication skills, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.
  • The digital era and the experience economy
    How to transform, lead and engage employees and customers in the experience economy. This includes the 4 Levels of awareness and how to redefine what value means in the digital experience economy.
  • Character and the layers of human behaviour
    In a world full of noise and artifice, where popularity is being mistaken for credibility, real depth of character is becoming priceless. And is the only real currency. This gives guidance how to balance.
  • Adaptability with associated critical skills for the digital age
    It's estimated around 97% of all information that exists has been created in the last 2 years. That means we’re preparing next generation for roles that may not currently exist. So, what are the skills we should hone and harness? Adaptability, change, creativity and mindset!
  • Resilience: finding your personal journey to harmony
    Closely linked to adaptability is the ability to bounce back and overcome challenges and adversity. Resilience and finding a personal path of overcoming hurdles, obstacles and change and turning them into personal flow.

I had the privilege of being coached and trained by Mark back in 2008. Mark is so talented at what he does and gave me a great first impression. Fast forward 13 years I contacted Mark as I needed a great Coach and Mentor to train a team of Course Advisors, Marketing Executives and Customer Service Agents. Mark excelled in the virtual space with high energy and his charismatic approach had everyone highly engaged. Since the training I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the team. The training has been so effective that we are working on further training plans with Mark. I highly recommend Mark to any business thinking of re-igniting their staff potential.
Head of Student Recruitment
Torrens University

Mark hosted interactive, captivating and highly energetic online Sales training sessions with Torrens University staff. We had 50 staff join and the feedback we’ve received from our team have been 10/10. Mark was able to weave our current sales process and methodology into his training seamlessly. Mark really understood our brief, delivered it well on the day and we’ve now implemented his value add and 5 triggers of value into our sales process. Thank you for a highly energetic and highly practical session.
Student Recruitment Manager
Laureate International Universities

My way of managing the sales process for Propel Ventures can be classified as BM and AM. Before Mark and After Mark. I enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I put what Mark taught me into practice within hours of the session. My only regret was not engaging him earlier in my career.
Propel Ventures, Product Management & Tech

MYOB engaged with Mark recently to train and coach our Demand Generation team in effective outbound call techniques and talk tracks. Our 2 day training course was filled with practical, effective sales generation tips/tricks that our team was able to successfully implement into our call flow. Mark’s training style is highly engaging, energetic and personable, making him a crowd favourite! Highly recommend! #valueadd'
Head of Demand Generation

Thanks Mark for an absolutely brilliant job over the past three days as MC, keynote speaker, and Awards MC for our first National Conference in 2 years! Delegates loved your high energy, thought provoking and practical advice. Your ability to manage the complexities of our first hybrid conference and keep everyone engaged, along with the originality of your keynote messages, was the key to success of our Conference. Look forward to working with you again soon! Best wishes

Wow, where do l start! Mark and my team had a number of meetings more than 3 months prior to the sessions to understand exactly where the business was at and what was needed in the delivery. From here Mark seamlessly build a bespoke programme specific for the audience. As a facilitator there is simply none better. For Mark to deliver the amount of content in his fabulous story telling style that he did while engaging every single person in the room. The feedback has been a flood of enthusiasm and positivity and a lot of actions have already been implemented in less than a week. We cannot wait to have him back!!
Chief Operating Office

Mark delivered fantastic training for our staff on change, culture and customer service. The planning and bespoking of the training to our needs created an awesome learning experience for our staff and Mark's facilitation, delivery and engagement is second to none. Thanks Mark.
Training Manager
Care Choice

What can I say other than PERFECTION! Mark was engaging and inspiring right from the start! Talking through his experiences, knowledge, and passion in human behaviour. Mark was so easy to work with, tailoring his session to deliver on the brief. If you are looking for a professional that will leave a lasting impact on you and your staff then look no further. I without doubt recommend Mark.
National Sales Manager

We engaged Mark to run a session for our partners on creating Value. We all want to create it but how do we go about this? Value is something that Mark is an expert in, and his passion for the subject shines through. He engaged our partners in an excellent session that was practical, entertaining and inspirational. Mark’s style embodies the art of storytelling and he is masterful at using great examples as well as practical models. I highly recommend Mark as a trainer, facilitator or keynote speaker.
Principle Partner Marketing Manager
Red Hat

Digital Acceleration Summit is considered the most premium summit in Pakistan with senior leadership from the top 50 organizations in Pakistan. We are honored to have Mark Carter's virtual presence where he led the second-day formal opening, bringing the audience to an inspirational journey and understanding the importance of "value" in the Digital Landscape. We have received an overwhelming response from Audiences and Mark's presentation became the highlight of the summit. Due to its quite engaging style, the audience was connected throughout his presentation and with relevant content, the audience had a feeling of fulfillment. As an event company, this has also given us the confirmation that, if we get a good presenter/speaker, the medium is not so important whether it's virtual or physical With the strong recommendation to Mark, we are excited to working together on future projects and would be looking forward to having you on-ground as soon as the Covid-19 gets to settle down.
Conference Owner And Organiser

Mark is one of a kind - his energy and enthusiasm whilst delivering on point content, virtually or in the real world is second to none. Mark recently delivered a virtual session to my team and everyone walked away feeling pumped and with lots of ideas on how they can Add more Value in their day to day roles and in their own lives. Thanks Mark - you're a legend.
Managing Director
Spring Professional

Mark is an engaging and highly sought after speaker. He has a unique ability to captivate and motivate whilst providing thought provoking content, tailored to the audience. I would happily seek his services again and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their company culture.
Learning & Development Manager

Whilst I've worked with Mark for many years, our most recent project was for Mark to deliver a Presentation Skills workshop to all managers in our business. This time around was a little different, as half were in Brisbane, Adelaide with Mark facilitating from Melbourne. The full-day training session ran extremely well, despite the distance, Mark is always on and maintained energy and connectivity across all sites for the entire day. Mark is always a safe bet when it comes to training sessions, facilitation, or keynote. Thanks again Mark you did an outstanding job and I look forward to working with you again in 2021.
General Manager
Mutual Marketplace

Mark Carter was the most preferred choice for our recent virtual webinar at TAFE SA. He has the most natural, engaging and entertaining presentation and speaking style. We had an amazing turnout, much more than we had expected and the audience was cheering for more! One thing that 2020 has taught us is “dynamic change”. Mark is so comfortable managing virtual audience with his amazing audio, visual aids. I personally loved his expertise, energy, his content, his excitement and the tremendous experience he has managing virtual audience! Loved the session! Thank you Mark for being so wonderful!
Principal OD Consultant

You tend to get two types of MC's/Speakers at conferences: 1) those who seek the limelight, and only talk about what others have done; and 2) those who make it happen and are quietly in the background getting results. Having worked with Mark, across 3 or 4 different events, he is definitely the kind of keynote speaker/master of ceremonies who brings amazing substance to an event and who makes it happen. I am always impressed with Mark's ability to speak and connect with everyone in the room, the way in which he shares his experiences, aligns it to how we learn, and all importantly how he helps the audience to understand how to apply the learning to both to our business environments and our personal worlds. Mark brings value and adds value, every time he steps on stage or engages with people in a learning environment.
Channels Partner And Alliance Strategist & Board Director, Coach, Mentor
Red Hat

presentation was received with flying colours from our members and loved the interactivity of it!
This year, facing the adversities that Covid-10 placed upon us with not being able to travel and hold our Regional meetings live, we had to reinvent them and go virtual!
That meant for us investing on valuable speakers that would actually contribute most with all that our members are facing!
So for our Summer Summit, which is the Regional Meeting of EMEA, we actually invited Mark to talk about "Adopting Adaptability"...what could be of better value for them?
We e-connected and attended a session that indeed added value to our mindset! Distributing it to their teams afterwards, had my inbox receiving quite some satisfying emails! 
Thank you Mark, you made the preliminary work and the actual attendance, although virtual, an amazing experience! Never stop...adding value!
Event Producer - Project Manager
Events Meetings And Conferences

Mark was engaging, informative, interactive and knowledgeable. We really valued his insight and time .

Mark is a dynamic and energetic speaker and is able to bring all participants along the journey with some amazing insights.
Business Strategist

Mark combines his 20 years plus of international practical experience, vast knowledge and insights of human behavioural sciences and his infectious energy to deliver authentic personal and team development experiences. He is always ahead of the curve in producing cutting edge content across live keynote, virtual live, digital, webinar, publishing and remote learning. His tailored and collaborative programs are designed with purpose, direction and issue certificates of completion to high standards, backed up by access to his exclusive online academy. If you're looking for a high impact professional, a best practice specialist in his field, then look no further than engaging the services of Mark. If you're looking to re-engage your workforce through culture and invest in the long term development of your team to achieve improved performance in your business, Mark is perfectly positioned to produce results being a true master of his craft.
Former Head of Sales 
Now in role of a Managing Partner
Groupon + Traffik

Mark ran a workshop on customer discovery for our entrepreneurship students at Macquarrie Business School. It was fun, engaging and insightful. Mark has an excellent command of the online environment and despite the physical distance he created a social closeness. Anyone managing people in an online environment would benefit from Marks insights. Creating that social closeness is now more important than ever.
Associate Professor
Macquarie University

I just wanted to let you know that Mark Carter spoke today at our Leishman conference. He was bloody fantastic. Everyone related to him … he’s very personable, a wealth of knowledge and information. I’d give him a 10/10. We loved him. Great graphics, sensational presentation style, easy to listen to, great content, funny, interesting, gave us some giveaways – all personalized, which everyone loved, and is going to open up more online content to us. He also has an app – which is very smart. Mark is suitable for any team building / sales training / behaviour / cultural awareness session. Very talented speaker. He gets a big tick from me, and he is suitable for any corporate, association.
Leishman Associates

My team had the pleasure of having Mark as our guest speaker at a recent lending development day. Mark presents extremely well and shows an abundance of energy. Mark took the team on a journey on how to ignite their potential through using the correct mentality, mindset and behaviours. The team and myself loved his presentation and raved about it for weeks after. If you're looking for a speaker for your next event look no further.

Mark was the final speaker at our 3-day conference in Perth. The energy he provided was electric and he captured everyone in the room. His content and messaging will enable everyone to take something away to implement in their business. Thank you from the team @ Money Quest
Money Quest

Great speaker, terrific energy. The group loved him.
Leishman Associates

Mark ran two workshops for our business at Commonwealth Bank, focusing on igniting our potential as a team. His passion to help others and powerful presenting skills are amazing to watch. He’s absolutely one of the best presenters I’ve worked with. Our team left energised, inspired and passionate to make change.
Channel Optimisation Manager

Mark was great as both an MC & a presenter. His energy kept the vibe going and the way he managed to transaction in between presentations was really smooth and professional.
George P. John Australia

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mark at a number of Innovation Crowd events, including TEDx, Start-up Bootcamp and a range of entrepreneur community training evenings. At each of these events he has showcased his unique ability to tap in on an expansive toolkit of topics and discussions to provide bespoke content that is both engaging and inspiring. Through storytelling and contextual references, he brings a level of energy and contagious enthusiasm that is often missing with other seasoned presenters, and his ability to read a crowd and succinctly articulate ideas into bite sized chunks of wisdom, allows audiences to join him on an exciting journey of learning and development. As an event organiser, he has made our job so much easier and he has always gone above and beyond all expectation to help us achieve our goals. I look forward to working more closely with him in the future!
Start Up Community & Events
City of Casey

Ignite Human Potential with Mark Carter was such an incredible workshop. We focused on a compilation of practical presentation tips and program themes; from voice influences and body language to how we build and structure a presentation. A significant part of the two-day session was mastering the art of storytelling using metaphors and learning how to engage an audience using archetypal themes, creativity and sensory engagement. A few key takeaways the team found most valuable:
- The power of authenticity and being genuine
- The importance of self awareness; harnessing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
- The value of storytelling
- Building relationships and bonding with co-workers
I have been fortunate enough to work with Mark Carter multiple times over the past 10 years & his sessions are always inspiring, motivating and most importantly relevant to each member of the Skip team. We were able to take pieces of information most relevant to our role and apply them in all areas of communication. I would highly recommend a session for any business!'
General Manager
Sensis - Skip App

I've had the pleasure now of listening to Mark speak at 2 of our annual conferences. Each time I’ve come away captivated & wanting more. He has a great way of telling an exciting & compelling story of his real-life experiences that connect with his audience. In addition, the humour and energy he brings to his presentation is a must see. Very much look forward to seeing Mark live again soon.
Franchise Owner

Mark is a true inspiration to any individual that is fortunate enough to hear him speak or gets to read one of his books. He is one that gives true care and understanding for the individuals that runs their business, gives expert advice to help those attain an affluent work environment and life, and makes it fun and entertaining to be a part of. The mysteries are unveiled and I only wish all could see Mark live.
Director, Board Member
MBE Franchise Group

I have worked with Mark for just over 2 years now on a number of collaborations including his sales and leadership training programs and also as a host for our Corporate Events here at Eventpod. The most impressive thing about Mark is the passion and energy he brings and also the professionalism of thoroughly researching for each particular occasion. He also happens to be a really nice and genuine guy and we will certainly be utilising his services again in the near future.
Client Engagement Strategist
Event Pod

Mark Carter is a master storyteller and understands the value of a story to create connections and inspire people. The Equip 2019 participants were captivated by Mark’s insightful approach to change, adaptability and neuroscience. His energy is infectious and his closing remarks simple and powerful... ‘No matter what happens in your world - you don’t get to control it - the only thing you can control is your response. Calmness is power'.
Instructional Specialist

QBE are very thankful to have Mark at the launch of our Equip program 2019. Mark injects a huge amount of positive energy and showed genuine interest to help elevate our brokers. Our program themes were to harness strengths, adaptability and resilience, which you were able to tie your experience and expertise. Your ability to connect with the audience is second to none!

My overall frustration was staff training in general, how all the training on the open market was boring, was not personalised for our business or my staff’s personal circumstances for growth. Mark took the time to talk to me and my staff before providing a customised proposal that would solve our problems. Mark has now introduced both Rocket (Sales Capability) & Orbit (Relationship Management Model) to our company and we are starting to see awesome results. Mark is fun, energetic and empathetic, showing a real passion for our business and staff, encouraging them to grow, take ownership and implement various techniques that are really specific to them as individuals and their roles. After the first session alone, one comment made to me was “if this was all the training we received for the rest of the year, this is better than all the training we had last year combined”. We are continuing to roll out Rocket and Orbit plus implementing further ideas. We will continue to work with Mark in the future and can not recommend him more for your business and team. Thanks Mark!
Head of Sales
Traff1k D1g1tal

Mark gave a phenomenal seminar here in Cessnock for our businesses and tailored the content to enable us to showcase some of our top performing small businesses. Mark was generous with the toolkits for our businesses and gave extra time to ensure the content really nailed it. A fantastic speaker. Highly recommended.
Acting Economic Development Manager
Cessnock City Council

Mark helped us conduct quite a few training sessions in Q3/Q4 2019 including Sales training as well as Interview Skills training. Mark’s execution of the content is always on point. Mark is a very effective communicator and always manages to maintain a high level of engagement across the floor. He’s an effective listener and is always asking questions and sharing ideas during the initial course discussions/briefings so that he has a clear understanding of the business’s needs and its challenges. Thank you for your efforts Mark - Look forward to more successful trainings in the future!
Head of People & Talent APAC
Receipt Bank

Mark is a highly accomplished and enthusiastic presenter who delivers his message with innovation and high energy. Choosing a speaker to end any conference is, by it's nature, reasonably risky.

Mark & I spent an hour and half together, with me setting the scene for the conference. By the end of this planning session I was already highly enthused, totally motivated and 100% confident that Mark would deliver and support the theme of the conference. Mark has good business acumen, understand concepts & audiences quickly and showed a genuine interest in understanding my objectives.

The feedback from my team on his session at our AGM was the most positive ever and he also provided additional value beyond the initial presentation. I would highly recommend anyone to chat with Mark and see how he could assist you company.
Camera House

At Make it Cheaper we have used Mark's services for two consecutive years , firstly to support us with a new product launch, and then to celebrate it's first year anniversary - as a result of his great work I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services.

In Oct 2017, the keynote Mark delivered at our product launch, combined with his incredibly powerful "arrow activity" totally captivated our (primarily) millennial audience and ensured everyone was talking about the event for weeks to come. It was exactly the "big splash" event we were hoping for!

As a result, we decided to engage his services again in October 2018, to help us celebrate the product anniversary; however I will confess to some level of trepidation in terms of how he would be able to top last year's session. Needless to say, he delivered in spades!

On a very warm Sydney spring day (in a room with minimal AC!) he effortlessly kept up the energy levels of over 100 people with 4 fantastic practical exercises in under an hour. He completely nailed the brief we provided; guaranteed everyone got involved and had fun; and most importantly, ensured all participants left the room feeling they'd learned something meaningful and powerful about themselves.

From the outset, Mark demonstrated an ability to develop deep understanding of our culture in a very short time frame, and thereby ensured our Values were effortlessly and seamlessly interwoven into all elements of both presentations.

I sincerely hope to work with Mark again in the future, and I recommend his services without hesitation.
People & Culture
Make It Cheaper: Energy Sector

Mark’s bespoke presentation was fantastic. We really appreciated the time and effort put into the event prior to his arrival in Darwin. His presentation was very well received and the delegates enjoyed it.  
Gener8 Events

Excellent communication, day before had a to-know-us-better meeting that was just what we needed, good communication with our attendees, follow up was great!!! An awesome experience!
Congress Rental Network

Mark ensured his audience was engaged with him and the content he delivered. Very knowledgeable and we have been able to implement some of his techniques and tools back in the workplace. Great speaker.
Teachers Mutual Bank

Mark took the time to understand our business and tailor an energetic, interactive session to meet our needs.  He had the room engaged from the get-go and I know our leaders are already looking at ways to work with him again in the future.
TAL Life Limited

Excellent - Mark is an excellent speaker and we were extremely happy with his presentation to our team. Mark is no fuss, easy to work with and we could not be happier with the results. He is natural dynamite and it is clear he lives and breathes what he presents. We would highly recommend to others!

Mark Carter provided an energetic, engaging presentation to our audience of small business to local government attendees. Participation and learnings were delivered in a positive and responsive manner. Mark really tailored his presentation to our needs and was in contact regularly to provide updates on the development of the presentation to meet our needs. He included a number of extra value adds which will benefit us greatly going forward.
Phillip Island Regional Tourism Board

Mark Carter is an amazing and energetic keynote speaker who really cares about his audience. We have used Mark on numerous occasions and received outstanding feedback from the groups he has engaged with. His content is practical and easy to absorb but has a strong message and easy takeaways for his audience. He is a true professional and will align his message to your business strategies to change behaviour. I rank him as one of our best strategic facilitators for our network.
Network Chief
LJ Hooker Limited

Mark is someone I have utilised within my roles over the past 10 years. In leading people it is always important to invest in them in supplying them with new skills. This is where Mark's skill set comes into its own. Mark has helped me lead teams through change, instill new skills of operating in the day to day with structure and purpose. With an ever changing market Mark has the ability to help customer facing roles understand the importance of the customer and helps realigns one focus on putting the customer in the market place at the center of everything a business should do. Mark's personal characteristics he brings to the table display transparency, trust, the motivation to make a difference and one of support and guidance. If you are looking to have someone support your business today in getting a better outcome for your customers Mark Carter is someone I would recommend.
Managing Director Australasia

I have had the privilege of working alongside Mark at both SENSIS and at CareerOne and Mark continues to hit the mark with effective sales training which sales consultants and Managers can take away with them and improve their results immediately. He is the only sales trainer I have used who engages his audience with energy, passion and a humbleness that draws the consultants in. The consultants, the Sales Managers and State Sales Managers buy in to him immediately and walk away from the training with actions that work. The feedback is always exceptionally positive from any team he has worked with, he can command a group of 100+ like he did with my Call Centre at SENSIS or a smaller group of 10 as he is doing now at CareerOne. A one day session based on value changed my team overnight from selling on price to selling on value and the proof is in the results, which are 30% higher than last month.
Sales Manager

I have worked with Mark since 2005. During this time we have used him from facilitating start up conferences with 300+ people to running motivational sessions and programs for some of our senior leaders in the business, Mark is vibrant, knowledgeable and extremely creative. His ability to engage his audience whilst delivering key messages and takeouts are his strength. Mark is versatile in his communication and knows how to connect with his audience. Mark is also well respected across our business and has always been a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in endorsing Mark.
Sales Leader, Current Patient Relationship Director
Sun Doctors, Skin Cancer Clinics