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Key Points for Leanne Elich

  • Leanne Elich has spoken worldwide for over 15 years, on the psychology of business, mastering influential and selling and the business archetype advantage.
  • Has appeared on multiple radio stations including ABC Radio, 3WBC, 2GB and featured on numerous business and health podcasts and reviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Graduate of Harvard Business School in Corporate Financial Strategy and Harvard Medical School in Genetics, Biologics and Precision Oncology.
  • Is an Honorary Clinical Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology where she is a guest lecturer.
  • Proud author of the book – Business Mastermind Workbook: Solving the Sales Equation.
  • Creator of the successful Periodic Table of Sales – the building block of the sales equation for extraordinary businesses.

Topics for Leanne Elich

  • Psychology of sales
    Do we truly understand the building blocks of a successful business? Learn how to use psychology driven business strategies to translate neuroscience, behavioural science and leadership science into Business Intelligence.
  • Personality intelligence – Uncover the secret language of business
    How do we make sense of human behaviour in the unpredictable world of business? Uncover the personality and psychological triggers to engage with your ideal clients sustainably, well into the future.
  • Understanding the periodic table of sales
    Understanding sales is not unlike solving an equation. To achieve a successful outcome, you need to delicately manoeuvre multiple pieces. Creating the Periodic Table of Sales has been part of my life’s work in solving the sales equation.
  • Importance of business archetypes
    Have you ever noticed there are timeless characters who appear throughout history making an everlasting impression on the world? These is what we call Archetypes; a representation of certain human motivations, emotions and behaviours. In business, Archetypes are an extremely powerful tool. Let’s find out how…
  • Impact of influence and leadership
    It may be hard to believe, but not all leaders exhibit leadership qualities. What are the burning attributes, desires and experiences needed to become a Great Leader?
  • Art of communication in business
    Have you ever wondered why customers are constantly surprising? Understanding their behaviours, personalities, preferences and decisions is not unlike a detective solving a mystery. Learn how to uncover the most influential communication styles to have your customers coming back for more.

Testimonials for Leanne Elich

I've collaborated with Leanne in a variety of contexts across the last 20 years. Leanne is extremely knowledgeable, a great communicator and someone who values honest, transparent and sustainable relationships. Leanne has a wonderful work ethic and is always striving for excellence.
Icon Group

Leanne has been at the peak of the medical cancer field for more than 20 years. She has been at the forefront in bringing medical advancements to Australasia in that time, making her widely respected within the industry. Her extensive knowledge teamed with a smart business sense and the ability to be agile and innovative delivers results. She has a contagious positive attitude and a proven track record of success.
Senior Journalist
Sydney Morning Herald

Leanne is an inspirational leader and is a true representation of a completely customer focused professional. Her experience and knowledge and contribution to the Radiation Oncology business industry is unequivocal proof of her dedication to the wellbeing of customers, patients and their families. Leanne's energy is above all and ability to break through barriers and engage and build teams is a true gift...but also something that Leanne does with a high degree of sincerity, empathy and leadership.
President - Oncology Informatics

Leanne is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who has broad experience in clinical and corporate aspect of Healthcare. Leanne has formed strong relationships with colleagues and clients and is well connected and highly regarded. She is well known for her passion for technology and her creativity.
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Leanne is a professional with years of sales experience and a natural presence that will lift the mood of any room. Her ability to relate to people of all backgrounds and positions allows her to be able to engage with absolute natural ease. I would highly recommend Leanne to any organisation looking to discover the best framework for successful business growth.
Delivery Systems Sales Manager

Leanne is a remarkable sales leader. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her at Varian and her enthusiasm is contagious. She loves working with customers and clients and is a great business partner. Looking forward to engaging with Leanne again.
Sr. Director, Business & Cloud Transformation
Oncology Software Solutions