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Key Points for Lalita Lowe

  • Lalita Lowe is the author of It’s time to rethink your fashion, a book which talks about the real impact that our clothes have on the environment and the people in the supply chain so that we can make better buying decisions.
  • Lalita is a trained fashion designer and has studied at one of the top fashion schools in Australia as well as in Paris.
  • She served on the fashion advisory board of the RMIT, one of Australia’s leading fashion schools.
  • Lalita recently launched her own sustainable fashion brand, made and produced in Melbourne Australia, she is passionate about keeping production on shore and also understands the constraints and requirements for creating a brand with purpose and value driven guidelines.
  • Lalita is a commentator on the topics of sustainability and ethical fashion, she is interviewed in podcasts and media interviews.

Topics for Lalita Lowe

  • Lessons learnt from building a sustainable fashion brand
  • Rethinking fashion, personally, locally and globally
  • The new laws of fashion - becoming a conscious consumer
  • Rethinking our values and relationship to fashion
  • The current state of the fashion industry and why the industry is being called to evolve
  • The future of fashion

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