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Key Points for Kristy von Minden

  • Kristy von Minden is an expert in the Neuroscience of optimizing mental wellbeing and performance. She employs evidence-based mental fitness techniques to enhance mental health.
  • Kristy is a sought-after keynote speaker at major industry events, advocating for human sustainability and innovative approaches to mental wellbeing to help individuals thrive both professionally and personally.
  • Through her business, Mind Bright, Kristy collaborates with prominent New Zealand companies such as ASB, Sony, HSBC, and Vodafone, supporting their wellness programs to reduce stress and improve overall health, happiness, and performance.
  • Mind Bright offers engaging workshops that combine compelling science with practical strategies. Kristy provides attendees with tools for everyday application, helping them remain calm, refreshed, and focused amidst their busy schedules.

Topics for Kristy von Minden

  • Emotions masterclass
  • Make sleep your superpower
  • The science of habits
  • Is it time for a digital reset?
  • User guide to your high performance brain

Testimonials for Kristy von Minden

Kristy was an extremely engaging presenter. She is obviously very passionate about wellbeing and health. I especially appreciated that she backed up all of her statements and examples with the scientific basis, which was great for an audience of scientists! Everyone I talked to after the presentation was very happy and motivated to put a few little steps in place to help make our lives that little bit better and healthier. We would love to work with Kristy again if we get the opportunity.

Kristy's presentation was informative with very practical tools. Kristy was warm, positive and a had a wonderful energy about her. She engaged well with the group and encouraged interaction.