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Key Points for Khyati Kapai

  • Khyati Kapai is a trainer, facilitator, interactive speaker and executive coach with a passion for improving relationships through effective communication and improving performance through personal transformation.
  • Khyati Kapai is also a Time to Think Consultant.
  • For the last 12 years, Khyati Kapai has worked internationally supporting clients from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds including investment bankers in Shanghai, engineers in Singapore, ministry officials in Cambodia, and luxury retailers in Europe.
  • With a background in Audit and Finance, Khyati can recognize a wise investment: everyone benefits from an investment in their communication skills and personal effectiveness.
  • Khyati Kapai is a certified educator and ESL specialist positioning her well to help those who speak English as a second language. 

Topics for Khyati Kapai

  • Maximise your ROI (Return on Interactions)™
  • Values-based communication
  • Assertive communication: A fine balancing act
  • The three I’s of win-win communication
  • POWER writing framework
  • POWER dialogues framework
  • Happiness advantage – Orange Frog™

Testimonials for Khyati Kapai

Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of stepping into the Thinking Environment® with Khyati as my guide. And I would highly recommend her as a facilitator and coach - not only for Thinking Environment® but in general. What I really appreciate about Khyati is her conscientiousness with everything that she teaches - she shows up fully and authentically for each session (and I have attended many). Every question is thoughtfully answered. She lives the principles that she is sharing. I am also impressed by how she is is flexible to the needs of the group and to different individuals in the group. She creates a really safe environment for you to go deep. If you are a leader looking for someone to coach yourself or your team, I would totally recommend you call Khyati.

Khyati is an incredibly talented and benevolent coach, who will go to extra lengths to help you find in yourself the strengths you always had... but sometimes lose track of. She has a talent to help you build solutions for yourself and by yourself; without imposing anything, she guides you towards an independent thinking process that you can reuse for yourself in times of turmoil. I met Khyati at a time of significant change, and her focus and dedication helped me tremendously craft my own path toward accomplishment.