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Key Points for Kenneth Kwan

  • Kenneth Kwan has spoken in 18 countries.
  • Published author and his book Small Steps To Big Changes is a result of more than a decade of work with clients. It is used in lectures and training programs around the region.
  • Appeared in TV and Radio Stations in Malaysia and Singapore, and Channel News Asia.
  • Organizations like AIA, Singapore Airlines, Baxter Inc, Becton Dickinson, Hilton Worldwide, the Singapore Government and many more have engaged Kenneth to give keynotes.
  • Merit Award Holder of JCI Singapore's Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World.
  • President of the Asia Professional Speakers Association (2020-2021).

Topics for Kenneth Kwan

  • How to create small steps to big changes?
    Why do some people win more in life and overcome obstacles easily? This is because they consistently focus on operating from strengths and take small steps to win more in life. When you keep winning small, you are encouraged to take more steps forward. Winning itself is highly motivational and builds your self-belief over time.
    Key Takeaways:
    • How to quickly move yourself (or others) away from problem thinking to solution thinking fast.
    • How to identify and amplify useful change.
    • What to do when situations are tough and you feel there is no other way out?
    • Understand why big or stretch goals do not always work for you.
    • How to set yourself up for more success and create specific small steps forward.

  • Patterns of success
    Do you realize that what is stopping you from achieving success is actually you? What if you could distill the top-secret formula on how people became successful in their work and personal lives? What if you could instantly double or triple the results you want right now? You will need to deal with limiting beliefs and move towards an empowered mindset. The inner psychology needs to be challenged before the exterior results can be seen.
    Key Takeaways:
    • How to consistently be an action taker and see results in your life.
    • How to avoid victim mentality and be mindful in your everyday work.
    • Create powerful mental strategies that dramatically increase your self-belief!
    • How do you stay focused and consistently motivated.

  • How to create rapid change by increasing business agility
    How to we implement successful changes strategies that allow others to quickly navigate through uncertain conditions? How do we be more agile in responding to the ever changing business environment?
    Key Takeaways:
    • How to get employees to come out with new business ideas and go-to-market fast.
    • How to overcome common resistance when it comes to trying out ideas.
    • How to serve clients better and get team members to take action on it.

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