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Key Points for Katharina Kuehn

  • Katharina Kuehn delves into the subconscious, decoding decision-making intricacies.
  • She pioneers predictive profiling through neuroscience, fostering self-discovery and team synergy.
  • Her expertise aids high-performing sports teams, businesses, and top brands worldwide.
  • Katharina is recognised as a top figure in E-Commerce and a compelling speaker, simplifying complex ideas for diverse audiences.

Topics for Katharina Kuehn

  • The neuroscience of you
    Discover the transformative power of making the unconscious, conscious. Unlock your true self by understanding the biological and psychological patterns that shape your personality and decision making. Tap into your hidden strengths, overcome personality related challenges and discover meaningful potentials.
  • Neuromarketing 101
    From cuddle hormones to testosterone levels - What drives the decision making of your customers?
  • Personalisation 3.0
    Emotional decision making and what it means for your brand, how to create emotional connections and personalisation at an unprecedented level. How to increase communication effectiveness with consumer neuroscience.
  • The neuroscience of high performance
    The neuroscience of high performing teams from business to sports. Strategic selection, composition and coaching based on neuroscience insights.
  • Predictive audience profiling (followed by tailored sessions)
    The opportunity for audiences to discover their own predictive profile to find out who they are at the deepest level. Tailored content in the form of keynotes or workshops thereafter (on the topics of self-knowledge, teams, leadership, consumer insights, strategy & neuromarketing). Followed by Q&A.

Testimonials for Katharina Kuehn

Katharina has the rare knack of demystifying neuro-marketing and then bringing it to life in a clear, relatable and actionable way. Her authoritative yet humorous delivery is extremely engaging and the insights she shares are instantly applicable. Katharina recently collaborated with the CommBank Retail Industry team, presenting insights to our clients and as a guest contributor to the CommBank Retail Insights report. The feedback was excellent.
Commonwealth Bank

As the presenter of TedX Haymarket 2018, I got the privilege of listening to Katharina's talk informing us on how our brain works and how we can make better choices. As a Life Couch I love her message of becoming more self-aware. When interviewing the
audience, the response to the talk was one of absolute intrigue and curiosity. The talk really empowered.
TedX Haymarket

Katharina combines extensive practical experience won in Europe and Australia with a solid neuromarketing foundation - with an emphasis on shopper marketing. She is well versed in the latest research methodologies and has a tremendous ability to interpret findings and translate them into powerful strategies and tactics. I have enjoyed my collaboration with her, have benefitted from her insights, and enjoyed the energy she brings to the table.
University of Vienna

Katharina has been a speaker at multiple Online Retailer Conferences. Her style is very engaging and the content of her presentations provide insights no other speaker in Australia has been able to deliver. She has been one of our highest rated speakers and we love welcoming her at our events.
Online Retailer

Thank you very much for spending time with us at Snap Forward. I want to share that your talk was received really well and was called out as one of the best by many in the group. We appreciate your wisdom and look forward to seeing more of you at Snap events in Australia and around the world.
Snap Inc.

Katharina recently presented to our Management Team's annual Kick Off Conference. Her ability to present complex issues and hold the interest of the audience was admirable. Katharina connected immediately with the attendees and made the session interactive and thought provoking. If you think you know what motivates your customers ..think again!
Glory Global Solutions