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Key Points for Grant Dusting

  • Grant Dusting is a social researcher and the Director of Strategy at the internationally recognised McCrindle.
  • He has a background in public policy, community engagement and boardroom experience in the NFP sector.
  • Is experienced at advising organisations on how to respond strategically to current and future trends.
  • Brings a wealth of research experience to his engaging presentations and consulting.
  • Provides data-led insights so decisions can be made with wisdom and stories told with clarity.

Topics for Grant Dusting

  • Leading teams in changing times
    Developing emerging leaders and managing multi-generational teams.
  • Engaging with today's students, Generation Z
    How educators can teach and engage the next generation.
  • Future proofing organisations through DESTEL Enviroscan workshops
    Guiding leaders to identify the trends that will impact their organisation.
  • Recruiting, retaining and training diverse generations
    Inspiring staff and trams towards engagement.
  • Mentoring and leading the next generation
    How to develop leadership within teams and individuals.
  • Using demographics and data to drive organisational outcomes
    The power of research to drive strategy and change.

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