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Key Points for Gary Bertwistle

  • Australia's leading pioneer on innovation and creativity
  • Co-founder of The Tour de Cure - A cancer cycling charity
  • Author of six books

Topics for Gary Bertwistle

  • What Made You Think Of That?
    • The secret behind generating great ideas lies in knowing how to tap into the creative talent we all possess.
    • This session is designed to help challenge the thinking within you, your team and your brand to remove the barriers that are preventing the creation of new ideas within your business.
    • From the receptionist to the managing director, everyone in your business should be encouraged to challenge their current way of thinking to allow the generation of usable, practical and profitable ideas. Learn how to unlock your greatest asset.

  • Leading Innovation
    • If you as a leader are not ready to create a team, company or culture around innovation, then this is a speech that you need to hear.
    • Every organisation talks about innovation and creativity, but very few know how to do it. Based on content from Gary's book, What Made You Think Of That?, this session will give you useable, practical and powerful tools to help you unlock the many great ideas that exist within the minds of your team members, but as yet have not seen the light of day.
    • Full of case studies from every industry, in every category, of every size, this session should be an essential part of every leader's toolbox.

  • Who Stole My Mojo?
    • Based on Gary's best selling book, Who Stole My Mojo? - this session is about introducing simple and easy tips and tools for putting the spark back into your day.
    • This session will not only help you get the most out of your day both in and out of the workplace, it will also give you the necessary zest and passion to drive you towards your aspirations and goals. There is no doubt that the pace and degree of life is stealing our mojo. Business is under fire and companies are losing their mojo.
    • This session explores how your thinking works to help you be your best and create great ideas. You will walk away with all you need to raise the bar, seize the day and put the mojo back in your day, your team and your company.

  • The Vibe
    • Based on his bestselling book, The Vibe, Gary illustrates the process of building your brand to make an authentic connection with your customers and clients.
    • This speech clearly articulates the essential steps required to differentiate your brand in the market. You will have at your disposal a simple and easy to execute model to step you through the necessary procedures to win in this competitive market. It is time to stop wasting valuable cash, time and energy on what we think is marketing, and instead learn what really works.

  • Marketing Warfare
    • This full day session is about developing a brand plan to take your business forward.
    • With more businesses competing for the same dollar in every category, those who are able to master the fundamentals of a brand and create a compelling reason for customers to use their product or services over their competitors, are the ones that will thrive and survive. To be able to do this, you must have a plan of attack, which is one of the essential outcomes of this presentation - creating a brand plan that your team can follow when going into battle with your competitors.  

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