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Key Points for Fleur Marks

  • Fleur Marks is a Wellbeing and Leadership Trainer and Coach.
  • She is a Chronic Illness and Cancer Warrior.
  • Is a leadership titan & trailblazed fresh, effective corporate wellness programs.
  • Founder of WellYou & The Wellbeing Store.

Topics for Fleur Marks

  • The power of positivity during uncertainty
    As the familiar phrase goes, "Change is the only constant". This webinar will help you understand the power of a positive mindset to navigate change, and learn practical techniques to build your resilience, and understand how to show up as your best self so you can sustain the unknown.
  • Becoming a wellbeing expert in her own life to fight to stay alive
  • Implementing realistic wellness programs 101
  • Live the life you want whilst taking care of your wellbeing

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