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Key Points for Dr Stephen Brown

  • Dr Stephen Brown is a Global Leadership thought leader.
  • Is a 'National Living Treasure’ in the education sector.
  • Expert in organisational change.
  • Leadership practitioner.

Topics for Dr Stephen Brown

  • The essence of leadership
    Developing the art and science of persuading and influencing others.
  • Tangling with your Temple Cats
    Challenging and changing organisational cultures and practices (or alternatively, ‘ Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers’)
  • Questions to lead by
    Questions to assist leaders to self-reflect-a necessary disposition for leadership success.
  • Creating a successful change story
  • One conversation at a time
    Building and changing organisational culture.
  • You are the stage hand not the star
    The ingredients that matter in building high performing teams.

Testimonials for Dr Stephen Brown

I have worked with Stephen continuously over the last five years and have seen him speak to audiences each and every time. His ability to read a room, connect with every person in that room and craft an engaging narrative whilst having research to back up everything he shares is second to none. Two key things stand out about Stephen. 1. When Stephen talks, people listen. This includes ALL the people who normally couldn't be bothered/too busy/too important (and he is the only person who I can say that about.) 2. The way people share at the end of his programs is jaw dropping. The honesty, the learning and the praise they have for him, their change journey and his program content is unbelievable. I just haven't seen it anywhere else in my 20 years in this industry. Throw in a great sense of humour and an affable nature and wow with a supreme intellect and you have a researcher, speaker, coach, and facilitator that is literally, second to none.
Simon Banks
International Speaker
Author on Creativity, Innovation and Design
Director at VisualFunk