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Dr Norman Swan

Key Points

  • Medically qualified journalist Dr Norman Swan is a multi-award winning broadcaster and journalist, health commentator, speaker and facilitator.
  • He has an international reputation as the Australian correspondent for the Journal of the American Medical Association, the British Medical Journal and he consults for the World Health Organisation in Geneva.
  • He is best known as the multi award winning produce, presenter and journalist for the Health Report on ABC Radio National, Health Minutes on ABC NewsRadio, ABC Television's Catalyst and as co-host of Life Matters on ABC Radio National and reporter on Four Corners.
  • Norman Swan created, wrote and narrated a four part series on disease and civilisation, "Invisible Enemies" and also co-wrote and narrated "The Opposite Sex", a four part series for ABC Television.
  • Dr Norman Swan's career has been driven by his desire to keep the Australian public informed of health developments as they happen. He combines medical expertise with investigative reporting, clear analysis and the knowledge to report the latest research in health and medicine.

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