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Key Points for Dr Michael G. Kollo

  • Dr. Michael G. Kollo is an executive leader with significant experience in integrating artificial intelligence into business strategies across financial services, technology, and public services.
  • He has held leadership positions at globally recognized institutions such as Blackrock, Fidelity, Renaissance Asset Management, Axa Investment Managers, and HESTA.
  • Dr. Kollo serves as a non-executive director for ASX listed entity Clime Investment Managers, showcasing his expertise in corporate governance.
  • As an entrepreneur, he played a pivotal role in Faethm Pty, an Australian AI software company, which was successfully sold to Pearsons in 2021.
  • He actively supports the fintech and cybertech startup ecosystems in London and Australia, mentoring emerging talents in the technology sector.
  • Dr. Kollo is a PhD graduate in Finance from the London School of Economics, emphasizing his deep academic foundation in finance and technology.
  • His lecturing experience at prestigious institutions like the LSE and Imperial College highlights his commitment to education, especially in technical fields related to AI and finance.
  • He has been an invited TedX speaker, discussing the responsible use of AI, and is a published author on the application of machine learning in investment management.
  • Dr. Kollo is a contributor to the World Economic Forum's AI/Fintech panel and produces the "Curious Quant" podcast, reaching a global audience.
  • Currently, as CEO of Evolved AI, he leads an executive education and consulting firm focused on enabling effective and responsible AI use in businesses, aiming to foster resilient, transparent, and fast-growing enterprises. He counts some of the biggest firms in Australia as part of his client base.


Topics for Dr Michael G. Kollo

  • Industry specific benefits of AI
    Dr Kollo delves into the transformative power of AI tailored for specific sectors, highlighting Dr. Michael G. Kollo's expertise in leveraging AI for innovation and efficiency in finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. This presentation offers actionable insights for industry leaders to harness AI's potential responsibly and competitively.
  • AI and the future of work
    As AI reshapes industries, the workforce must adapt to new paradigms of employment and skill demands. Dr. Kollo delves into the implications of AI for the future workplace, discussing how organizations can prepare for these changes to foster a resilient and innovative workforce.
  • Economic impacts of AI: Opportunities and challenges
    AI's influence extends beyond technology, affecting economic structures and global markets. This topic examines the broad economic consequences of AI integration, including productivity gains, job displacement, and new market creation, providing a comprehensive overview of AI's role in shaping future economic landscapes.
  • Effective communication and analysis through AI in financial services
    AI's capability to analyze vast datasets presents unparalleled opportunities for insight and decision-making in financial services. Dr. Kollo discusses how AI tools can enhance communication with stakeholders and improve analytical accuracy, offering practical examples from his extensive experience.
  • The limits of AI: Understanding knowledge boundaries
    Despite AI's advancements, there are inherent limitations to its capabilities. This presentation explores the boundaries of AI knowledge, addressing ethical considerations, decision-making constraints, and the importance of human oversight in AI implementations.
  • Integrating AI into financial strategies
    The finance sector is at the forefront of AI adoption, leveraging technologies to revolutionize investment management, risk assessment, and customer experience. Dr. Kollo explores cutting-edge AI applications in financial services, drawing from his leadership roles at renowned institutions to demonstrate successful case studies and the transformative impact of AI on finance.
  • Navigating the AI revolution: A roadmap for leaders
    Leadership in the age of AI requires a nuanced understanding of technology's potential and pitfalls. Dr. Kollo provides a strategic framework for executives and managers to harness AI effectively, ensuring their organizations remain competitive and ethical in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Responsible AI use in business: Ethical and practical considerations
    The responsible adoption of AI is crucial for sustainable business practices. This talk focuses on ethical considerations, transparency, and accountability in AI deployments, drawing from Dr. Kollo's expertise to offer guidance on developing AI strategies that align with corporate values and societal norms.

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