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Key Points for Dr Melissa O'Shea

  • Melissa O’Shea, PhD is a sleep specialist counsellor who has worked with over 20,000 people on the skills of stress management, sleep, relaxation and recovery.
  • She is an authorised teacher of the Sounder Sleep System and founder of the online sleep training platform Sleep Easy Club.
  • Shares the critical physical, mental, emotional and relational health benefits good sleep provides, and how to start your own journey toward it.
  • Shares her own story of sleepless nights and chronic illness and how she overcame them.
  • Explains in plain language the secret to sleeping well.

Topics for Dr Melissa O'Shea

  • Better sleep workshop
    Melissa’s easy to understand presentation and accompanying interactive modelling provides practical tools to start individuals or teams on their pathway to better sleep and all the ensuing physical, mental, emotional and relational health benefits that entails.
    Key Points:
    • Educate workforce on the importance of sleep and how to get enough quality sleep.
    • Encourage people to self-screen for sleep apnea and to seek medical help if required.
    • Problem solve why we have sleep problems and what we can do to fix them.
    • Learn practical tools to reduce stress and improve sleep, including one daytime meditation, one breathing exercise and one lull-yourself-to-sleep technique.
    • Engage people in problem-solving their sleep and what they can do to create a sleep-conducive environment.
    • Workshop Outline
    • Part One: Why sleep matters
      • What sleep does for us and what happens if we don’t get the sleep we need.
      • Is your snoring shortening your life? How to screen for and treat sleep apnea.
      • If sleep is so important, why is it such a challenge?
      • Why tips for better sleep may not work for you, and what to do about it.
    • Part Two: Stress-proof your nervous system with the Sounder Sleep System
      • Daytime relaxations: Reduce your stress levels and retrain your brain.
      • Guided Natural Breathing: Use your breath to calm your nervous system and set the stage for sleep.
      • Lull yourself to sleep: Use this technique to fall asleep fast and fall back to sleep easily.
    • Part Three: Making it all work
      • How to adapt good sleep habits to your work environment and requirements.
      • How to create social support and the right stage for sleep.
      • Troubleshooting your sleep problems (Q&A)



Testimonials for Dr Melissa O'Shea

I found the retreat calming and relaxing from the time I came in—GOOD WORKSHOP!

I thought it was really helpful, some great strategies to use.

I didn’t know I could feel this relaxed!

Excellent presentation and facilitation. I liked the flexibility Melissa showed in meeting the needs of the group and using a variety of modalities.
Social worker

We walked away with realistic plans that were achievable and individual to our needs.
Personal trainer and mother of three

Beautifully presented. A very caring and respectful environment.
Disability manager

Melissa is very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to sorting out sleep issues. I found her techniques to be an invaluable asset in getting an optimal night's sleep.

I have had sleep problems for many years and with Melissa's gentle, natural and practical approach I am now in a much better place!

I hadn’t been sleeping well for 10 years. I did Melissa’s training and started practicing the techniques every day and I am now sleeping deeply for 7 to 8 hours per night. Melissa’s program and the sleep techniques she teaches work and I am very grateful.

Melissa helped me to solve a sleep problem that I have had for many years. Her coaching and her methods assisted me to just about double the amount of sleep I get in a night time. This has made a massive difference to my concentration and my energy levels. I can highly recommend Melissa for the work she does.

I had accepted poor sleep to be the norm, but it was impacting my health. I now feel so fortunate to have become aware of Melissa’s expertise and The Sleep Easy Club. Melissa has equipped me with a variety of tools, skills and valuable knowledge to improve my sleep. Not only has my sleep improved, but my overall life balance has changed, all for the better. I am very grateful.

I have had sleep problems for many years and had long given up on feeling energetic again. After just one day of sleep training with Melissa, I was fully relaxed. However, what really threw me was how I felt the next day. If I could bottle that feeling and sell it, I would be a billionaire! I was so energetic, I have not felt like that for decades!