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Key Points for Dr Lila Landowski

  • Dr Lila Landowski is a finalist, Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science Australian Museum 2023.
  • She is a Superstar of STEM – Science and Technology Australia.
  • Dr Lila is a TEDx speaker - Brain Hack: 6 secrets to learning faster, backed by neuroscience, TEDxHobart.
  • She is a Tasmanian finalist, Young Australian of the Year Awards Australia 2016.
  • Dr Lial is a Young Tall Poppy Science Award Winner - Australian Institute of Policy and Science 2018, Young Achiever of the Year - Southern Cross Tasmanian Young Achiever’s Awards 2015, Science Communicator of the Year 2019, The Herald Sun’s Top 20 scientists under 40, 2022, and Science Superhero 2018.
  • Dr Lila is Office of Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel.
  • Dr Lila is the focus of the documentary, Catching Opportunity.

Topics for Dr Lila Landowski

  • A little stress conversation, a little more action please
    Stress is more than just a “feeling” – it’s a hardwired, physical response. It is almost impossible to escape stress under the pressures of modern society. This can be problematic, especially at work and in our private lives, because long term stress turns us into more volatile and irrational versions of ourselves; altering our behaviour and emotions through its physical effects on brain size and structure, how brain cells connect, and how they function, right down to the level of our genes.
    The good news is, we can help reverse (or protect ourselves) from the effects of long term stress, using a range of cost-free behavioural interventions. This is particularly important because we often can’t control the source of stress in our daily lives. Dr Landowski will explore the neuroscience of stress and take the audience through evidence-based approaches for stress reduction.
  • The neuroscience of the two big challenges we face in leadership
    This talk includes the key elements of three talks (A little stress conversation/brain hack/the neuroscience of sleep).
    What if I told you that the life you are living right now is re-programming your brain? Your genes provide the base code for how your brain develops. But then, your experiences - like every big stressor, every heartbreak - it all helps shape your behaviour and the way your brain develops.
    Dr Landowski explores how our environment affects our brain and behaviour, how to improve learning and team dynamics, and deal with workplace stress.
  • Brain hack: Sharing the secrets to productive learning, backed by neuroscience
    Our brains change as we age, making it significantly harder to learn - but it doesn’t mean an old dog can’t learn new tricks! There’s smarter ways to learn than whatever it is you’re doing right now. Dr Landowski will take you on a journey through the brain, examining some of the existing research on learning, and empower you with tools that help you learn faster and more effectively. This talk takes you on a journey through the brain, examining some of the existing research on learning, and empowers you with tools that help you learn faster and more effectively.
  • The neuroscience of sleep and dreams
    When the sun goes down, our urge to sleep goes up. But why should we care? Well, for starters, inadequate sleep is the reason why doing shift work is considered a “probable carcinogen” according to the World Health Organisation. Yikes! Join Dr Landowski and learn about the neuroscience of sleep, and what goes wrong when we don’t get enough, and how to improve it. And on the topic of sleep – do you think that dreams are a mystical window into your future? Well, join us and find out what your dreams really mean.
  • The neuroscience of bad decisions/decision making in uncertain times
    Decision making is a process that takes in all the information around us, compares it with all the things we’ve learnt - the brain processes that information, and decides what option is the most rewarding to you, and brings you to a decision. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Yet for some reason, we often find ourselves making bad decisions – especially when it matters the most.
    Dr Landowski takes you through the neuroscience of why we aren’t so great at making decisions in uncertain times – and what we can do about it. She examines how our ability to make decisions changes as we grow and develop, and what happens when factors like sleep deprivation and stress are thrown into the mix.

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