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Key Points for Dr Katherine Iscoe

  • Dr Katherine Iscoe is Confidence Mentor who thrives on teaching effective, evidence-based solutions to help people stand out with confidence and ignite positivity.
  • She is the founder and director of the Dr Katherine brand and the co-founder of ASX-listed company with a multi-million-dollar market capitalisation MyFiziq Limited.
  • Her qualifications include Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences, Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences, Doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Biotechnology and Post-graduate Certificate in Counselling.
  • She is a twice published author, an educational speaker and the creator of The 7-Pillar Forever approach to healthier living.

Topics for Dr Katherine Iscoe

  • Confidence building 101: how to stand out from the crowd and ignite positivity
    How would your life change if you had more confidence? Asking this simple question can ignite change in itself. It surfaces the thought: why are you waiting for tomorrow for what you could do today? What is preventing you from putting your hand up, asking the question, making the first move, or starting something you’ve always wanted to do?

    In this life-changing talk, Dr Katherine takes the audience on a thought-provoking roller coaster ride to nudge them towards a decision they won’t regret: taking responsibility for the life they live.

    Key messages
    • Understanding that complaining won’t get you anywhere.
    • The only thing that’s holding you back is your brain.
    • How to see the bright side in the darkest times.
    • Managing your energy, not your time.

  • Manage Stress (without chocolate and wine)
    You’re stressed to the nines. Your friends tell you to meditate, but you barely have time to brush your teeth let alone “be one” with your thoughts. You wake up in the morning with coffee and turn yourself off at night with a wine while double tapping all the zen-like photos on the Gram. Yes, you know you need to get a hold of your high-wired mindset, but every solution you try lasts as long as deodorant in the desert. Does work-life balance really exist?

    In this humourous and action-filled talk, Dr Katherine strips down the #bs of life and provides targeted solutions to manage stress in the real world.

    Key messages
    • Uncover how to get more time out of your day (it is possible!).
    • Accept help without feeling needy or helpless.
    • Find where your trigger points are and how to ‘flip’ stress into strength.
    • Uncover your biggest asset (it won’t be what you think!).

  • The Pursuit of Perfection: Life’s Dangerous Game
    From an extremely young age, women (and men) around the world are blinded by the belief that they will be valued based on their appearance, and if they don’t mirror society’s blue-print of ‘beauty’, they need to change. This pursuit of perfection is arguably life’s most dangerous game, leaving millions feeling unworthy in their own skin.

    In this relevant and highly relatable talk, Dr Katherine helps people understands what it is that makes us different, makes us beautiful.

    Key messages
    • How to rise above an image-focused world.
    • Why our feelings are valid but don’t define who we are.
    • If life isn’t perfect, so why should you be?
    • Taming the inner bully that says you’re not enough.

  • Taming your Internal Moody B!tch and Inner Bully
    Whether at work, at home or on the road, we all have lost the plot over something trivial. Not only does this not accomplish anything, but leaves us facepalming over our psycho-side for hours afterwards. Anger, frustration and disappointment are all important emotions that we simply cannot deprogram from our genetics, so how can we learn to manage them with grace and tact?

    In this eye-opening talk, Dr Katherine helps the audience undercover the ‘why’ behind their bitter behaviours and provides practical solutions to curb the craziness for happier outcomes and kinder self-talk.

    Key messages
    • Communicating emotions with clarity, not curtness.
    • Turning your inner bully into your bestie.
    • Sticking to your values while in conflict.
    • Putting some sass into the soft talk.

  • Seven (easy) Steps to Forever Health and Happiness
    It’s Monday, another new start where we drink the kale smoothies and hit the gym… hard. By Tuesday we’re back to where we started: triple shot cappuccino and a sugar-filled muffin to get us through the day. Why does this happen? Yes, what we eat and drink and how much we move is important to our overall health, of course it is. But our approach to it doesn’t need to be militant.

    In her most requested keynote talk, Dr Katherine uses her evidence-based Forever Approach to help people change their health and happiness for the long haul, whereas existing programs only deal with the now.

    Key messages 
    • No militant regimes, no wagons to fall off, no drastic upheavals.
    • Life changes start with realistic expectations, not dream goals.
    • How to fuel your body and mind through balanced nutrition, not “diets”.
    • Understanding the importance of purpose.

  • Weight Management: How to Have your Cake and Eat It Too
    Can you lose weight while eating cake? Absolutely! But how, you ask! While genetics play a huge role in our body’s shape and size, research has conclusively shown that restrictive diets and militant exercise only do one thing: fast track you to failure.

    In this easy to understand (and apply!), science based talk (with a twist), Dr Katherine helps people understand the basics of human physiology so they can create a long-term program for health that is a joy to follow.

    Key messages 
    • Why calories are our energy, not our enemy.
    • Making sense of our metabolism.
    • Why you don’t need a gym membership to stay healthy.
    • The importance of including cake in your diet.

  • The Business of Confidence: How to Lead with Purpose, Not Ego
    At only 23 years of age, Dr Katherine went bankrupt for a quarter million dollars. By her mid thirties, she sold her soul in an attempt to peddle her business. It failed miserably. As confident as she was on the outside, she was still the same girl she always was on the inside: riddled with self-doubt and fear.

    In this hit-home, inspiring talk, Dr Katherine helps people understand that you can’t sell something you don’t believe in, and if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get anywhere.

    Key messages 
    • The importance of understanding your values and your vices.
    • You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to have a purpose.
    • Why kindness always wins over coolness.
    • Why the key to success isn’t working hard.

Testimonials for Dr Katherine Iscoe

Your speech was warm, funny, relatable, personal – all the things we asked from you and more. There was genuine caring in what you said and a desire, not only to provide meaningful insight, but also to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you: from the University, from the Graduations team and, most importantly, from our newest grads who would no doubt be raving about how awesome you all are. First and foremost to me, you are a true UWA leader and I am incredibly grateful for everything you do to make our community better, stronger, more significant. It is, as always, a tremendous pleasure and privilege to work with you.
Director, University Advancement
University of Western Australia

Dr Katherine has been a speaker at UWA for the last 3 years. Katherine’s authenticity resonates with every audience, giving insight into her academic journey, business success (and failures), giving the perfect amount of instruction and engagement of the audience. I would recommend her to any group!
Alumni Relations Officer
University of Western Australia

Dr Katherine is more than just a Body Confidence Expert; within her talk she provides a safe harbour for women to be able to tell their deepest and darkest thoughts towards their own bodies. This is not something any speaker can do. The secrets we shared anonymously were shocking but unfortunately extremely common within our own group. From the moment Dr Katherine began to speak she created an environment of personal empowerment, there was instant unity and an understanding that as women we all go through the same body confidence issues regardless or age, weight or size. This set the tone for the rest of our workshop and generated a warmth and friendship amongst our guests. The powerful and moving message that Dr Katherine delivers during her talks is imperative for all woman and should be heard all over the world. She is a moving, funny and compassionate speaker who has not only provided an important message to our guests but has impacted all the women that have attended our group. The talk was not only heart-warming but it was also a kind wake up call to the pressures women have on their own bodies. In Dr Katherine's words 'If you wouldn't say it to your best friend then why would you say it to yourself?' I can't recommend or thank Dr Katherine enough, she is Oprah of Body Confidence.
Beauty Inside & Out

We host an annual networking & fundraiser event for 50+ people, we were lucky enough to get Dr Katherine along as our guest speaker ... she was a real hit! We got a lot of great feedback and some of the guests were asking how to get in touch with her for their events. Dr Katherine is fun, informative, entertaining and manages to interact and engage with the crowd to keep them all involved and enjoying themselves. I highly recommend Dr Katherine as a speaker at your next event.
WA Manager and Business Development
Corporate Traveller

Dr Katherine is a true changemaker: a compelling storyteller with a vision for a more confident, connected community. She strikes the perfect balance between meticulously researched, evidence-based advice and unicorn farts, delivering her important message with intelligence, compassion and humour. We all need a dose of Katherine in our lives.
Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre

We were so blessed to have Dr Kat at our event! She is a breath of fresh air, she gave us all that “Ah huh” moment and made us feel like we were not alone. Her stories and analogies are like a romantic comedy, one minute you’re laughing, the next you’re crying, and you’re left feeling so positive and hopeful for the future! The vibe she brings is magic, you can’t top having Dr Kat as your guest speaker.
Women’s Fitness Academy

Katherine spoke at our business event to a crowd of over 100 influential business women. She captivated the room with her raw and inspiring story. It is rare to have a speaker that engages the whole room to the degree she did. We look forward to working again with Katherine in the future.
The Perth Collective PR

Dr Katherine was a guest speaker at our Love Yourself event, speaking to an audience of over 50 women. She is an articulate storyteller and engaging speaker, captivating the crowd with her delightful humour, well delivered concepts and scientific based health advice. Dr Kat has this fabulous aura about her that had the women engrossed in her every word, leaving them feeling uplifted and inspired. I would highly recommend Dr Katherine at your next event. She is an excellent speaker, that alone is hard to find.
Creator and Director
Wonder Women Project

Dr Katherine had the whole room laughing but most importantly feeling good about themselves. I would highly recommend Katherine for any event.
Michael Page