Ask about Dr Ali Walker
Key Points
  • Ali Walker is the creator of the Walker Profile, a personality assessment to identify how we connect and lead, and what we value. 
  • She is the bestselling author of Get Conscious: How to stop overthinking and come alive (2017).
  • She has a PhD in group dynamics from the Australian National University.
  • As a media presenter, Ali is a contributor to Channel 7’s House of Wellness and ABC Radio National, weekly radio segment on 2GB and 2UE in 2017.
  • She is a university lecturer in the UNSW Sydney Business School.
  • She has done keynotes and workshops for Suncorp, Lendlease, EML, Agile Australia, Dermalogica, Zenergy Health and Safety, Elevate Education, Hay House (Florida), Green is the New Black Conference (Singapore).
  • How to Read and Lead the Room - TEDxUNSW 2019.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You: The Power of Human Connection
    What drives our choices and our behaviour? Why do we click with some people and clash with others? Prior to the workshop, participants complete Ali’s original personality assessment, The Walker Profile, which identifies an individual’s connection type, leadership type and motivational style. During the workshop, we explore what these types mean for you, your relationships and your team.

  • High Performance Teams
    This workshop is focused on building and leading high-performance teams. High performing individuals don’t automatically form high performing teams. Teams need to be engineered and led through the stages of connection. This workshop shows you how to do that.

  • Learning to Surf Emotions: Women and work/life
    For the first time in history, women are doing more work outside of the home than ever. And the research consistently tells us that women still take on the lion share of responsibilities at home. This workshop is about how to create meaning while we surf these waves. We also explore how to use power, persuasion and authenticity when communicating our personal brand with others.

  • Emotional Fitness & Mind Training: Beyond Overthinking
    Sometimes it can feel like we’re on a pendulum swinging from boredom and lethargy to stress and overstimulation. In this workshop we explore conscious living, mindfulness and meditation. Ali will inspire your people to be more resilient and happier.

  • How to Read and Lead the Room
    What do high-performing leaders and teams do differently? They read and lead the room. They go all-in. In this talk, Ali Walker introduces the human connection model that reveals our unique connection style and the roles we play in groups.

Ali once again delivered on our preferred topic with enthusiasm, excitement and she is just a joy to listen to. Her delivery is exceptional and has an excellent ability to read her audience and deliver key messages accordingly. She is very engaging and interactive, opening up questions and discussion throughout her session. Her messaging is also very thought provoking, allowing us as a business to then work together to understand how we can implement the best practices and ideas generated by Ali.  
United Technologies

Great presentation, great subject matter, continued discussion after presentation on topics covered by Ali.
Downer Group

Ali is a passionate and inspiring speaker. Her presentation to the Suncorp Intermediaries Business in Sydney and Perth this year on the Walker Profile was brilliant. She brought our teams on a journey to understand our engagement style and how to leverage this to build stronger relationships within our client and broker networks.
Leader Key Accounts
International Intermediaries

With social connection now recognised as the leading contributor to wellbeing on the planet, Dr Ali Walker provides the knowledge and the tool kit for us all to access our best selves & enjoy the relationships in our lives. Teaming up with Ali in mentoring workers with physical and psychological injuries we have witnessed profound changes in awareness and behaviours with so many people that had isolated themselves. Increasing established bonds, reigniting old friendships and creating new connections are all wonderful outcomes of the methods Ali shares.
The key to this is, Ali has made what many make complex into a commonsense and simple process that everyone gets. An exuberant presentation style has those attending not only learning but highly engaged through Ali’s enthusiasm and having fun. A lesson we all need to embrace for a better life.
The Change Room

Dr Ali Walker hit the mark brilliantly. She presented with passion, authenticity and commitment. She had absolute ownership of her information and shared this in a most engaging and formative manner. Every attendee walked away with greater insight.  It was a huge success and so very well received.
Director of Education Asia Pacific

Ali Walker has been a brilliant addition to my Saturday morning show on 2GB and 4BC. The audience feedback has been remarkably positive with people having a real thirst for Ali's knowledge and advice. She presents in a manner which is easy to comprehend, essential for talk radio - she's witty, engaging, positive and as host I've found her to be exceptional at ensuring the message gets through without a 100 words when 10 will do. An outstanding, thought provoking contributor.
Luke Grant
Macquarie Media 2GB and 4BC