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Key Points for Courtney Krulis

  • Courtney Krulis has been described as “the most enthusiastic person on the planet” (Robert Reffkin, CEO Compass Real Estate), and may be the most positive person you will ever meet.
  • Using her training as a Master NLP Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Movement Facilitator, Courtney Krulis created Rise Disco, a motivational movement experience that incorporates breathwork, dance and meditation to enhance culture, creativity, and happiness in the workplace.
  • Her dances, keynotes and courses have transformed the culture of organisations such as Atlasian, Callaway Golf, Compass Real Estate, Kay & Burton, Ray White, Sensum & YPO Forum Groups.
  • She delivers keynotes and experiences with unprecedented energy and passion, speaking in the areas of mindset, sales performance, culture, and joy.
  • Courtney Krulis is the author of Pick Me Up Cards, empowerment cards designed to make joy a daily practice. These cards are currently used by thousands of people as a daily motivation to bring positivity and humour into everyday life.

Topics for Courtney Krulis

  • The Rise Disco experience
    Rise Disco is a motivational movement experience that incorporates breathwork, dance and meditation to uplift and unite your workforce. Through music, movement and mindfulness, Rise Disco empowers people to confidently express themselves and enhance their productivity and creativity. Participants will be guided on an inward journey using a range of modalities to connect with their mind, body and soul.
  • Mind: Breath work
    Energising breathwork techniques to infuse the body with oxygen and ground into the present moment.
    Benefits include:
    • Enhance focus & clarity.
    • Feel sharper & calmer.
    • Release stress and anxiety.
  • Body: Motivational movement
    A combination of guided dance moves and NLP Visualization techniques paired with uplifting music.
    • Benefits include:
      • Feel united and connected to community.
      • Enhance confidence and self expression.
      • Enhance clarity and momentum towards goals.
  • Soul - Meditation
    A guided meditation to find mindfulness and feel gratitude.
    Benefits include:
    • Connection to self & others.
    • Elevated emotional state.
    • Improved self-esteem. Improved relationships.

In an alcohol-free, judgement-free and hierarchy-free-way, you can guarantee your team will feel more connected, more comfortable, and more joyful after the Rise Disco Experience. 100% Joy Back Guarantee.

  • The joy advantage keynote
    Not only does joy feel good, it has a direct business payoff. Research has shown that people who know how to access their joy are more productive, resilient and successful.
    When joy becomes a priority at work, everything changes:
    • Leaders generate more creative solutions.
    • Salespeople exceed targets and build momentum.
    • Teams connect with each other and serve their clients more effectively

In her signature keynote, Courtney showcases the link between positive brains and peak performance. She covers the latest trends in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and epigenetics and shares practical tools to maximise the Joy Advantage in the workplace. After all, happier employees = higher productivity = more successful organisations.

Testimonials for Courtney Krulis

It was fantastic! It felt so good to dance and feel connected. Coco brings such playfulness, joy and high vibrations by finding uplifting music to dance to and weaving it with meditation and positivity. Highly recommended!
Blissful Mind Counselling

It was really powerful! It felt so nice to dance with your words of encouragement in my ears, always saying the thing I needed to hear at the right moment. Coco, you are so intuitive. Thank you for such a wonderful evening!
How Two Live

Courtney's courses have completely changed the way I view running my business and my relationships with my clients. I would absolutely recommend Courtney to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Real Estate Agent
Compass Real Estate

Courtney's presentation style is interactive and her outlook on life is infectious. In our training I was impressed at how we went beyond the superficial sales tactics, right to the core of what is required to have a winning sales mindset. We left inspired and ready to go!

We learned some amazing connection skills, but more importantly learned valuable life hacks to show up in our personal lives happier, calmer and more authentically.
Executive Director
Sensum Group

We learned valuable life hacks to show up happier, calmer and more authentically.
General Manager
Link Financial Services

Courtney is one of the most energetic, creative, thoughtful and driven people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She tackles challenges head on, always finding unique ways to overcome obstacles. Her positivity is infectious. A true leader who will succeed in everything she does.
Vice President of Sales

Courtney possesses outstanding energy and passion. Her exuberance and enthusiasm was contagious to the people that she coached and mentored at Compass. It was a pleasure watching Courtney coach and drive others to excellence and incorporate input to get even better. Her ability to energize and adapt is an asset to those who have the pleasure of interacting with Courtney.

Courtney is an incredible mentor and a next-level sales and communications expert. I had the pleasure of taking her Soul’d course and it completely transformed the way I relate to people. She is inspirational, knowledgeable, and a natural leader. She grounds her program in specific, actionable frameworks and processes that you can apply across your work. I highly recommend any and all opportunities to learn from Courtney!