18 May 2022

Out and About: Ben Sorensen

Out and About: Ben Sorensen

A memorable host is the key to any standout event, but they’re not always that easy to come by. Luckily for us, Ben Sorensen is the best in the business. Ben has the ideas, solutions and know-how to tackle just about any situation. Not only is he quick-witted, warm and highly intelligent, he’s also got the tech, marketing, trivia AND bingo skills to boot.


While his aptitude for crowd work may be paralleled only by his wicked sense of humour, Ben also has his own inspiring story to share about his personal journey with autism. A man with a huge heart, he has a deeply moving message to spread about the importance of prioritising meaningful inclusion and conscious kindness in any organisation. Not only does he have so much to teach us all about the challenges and misconceptions surrounding autism, he is also a testament to the value of celebrating neurodivergent perspectives and importance of promoting inclusivity and awareness for a better society. We think everybody deserves a glimpse into Ben’s outlook on life, for he truly makes the world a better place.


Ben Sorensen is consistently adored and increasingly sought after as an MC and host, as he proves time and time again that he is dedicated to making every experience one to remember.  His list of clients – from Star City Casino to some of the biggest stars of Hollywood – have all been blown away by his ability to weave a tapestry of warmth and laughter into endlessly engaging and insightful content. If you’re looking for a charismatic, witty and inspiring host to make your next event memorable, then we are convinced that Ben Sorensen is your man!


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