12 Jul 2021

How athletes mentally prepare for the biggest event in their career


There’s no denying the physical prowess of Australia’s athletes: our Olympians and Paralympians are renowned for their speed, agility, strength and endurance.

However, there’s so much more to being an Olympic or Paralympic champion than muscle power. Mental endurance is just as crucial for our athletes to reach peak performance, compete in world championships and bring home Olympic gold medals. Their consistent dedication to keeping a champion’s mentality makes glory all the more inspiring for us at home.

To prepare for the Olympic Games, athletes must practise reflex, focus and resilience, and their commitment to those virtues is the key to their success. There are key lessons to be learnt from both former and current champions, and the stories of ICMI athletes are bound to be the highlight of any event.


Why choose an Olympic/Paralympic speaker for your event?


Through mental conditioning Olympians achieve elite status and maintain the necessary drive to be the very best. The challenges that athletes must overcome to reach glory are astounding, and it is these kinds of experiences that make them naturally engaging motivational speakers.

The necessity of brain training for athletes to compete in the Paralympics is also paramount to their success on the field. Values such as optimism, perseverance and vigour are crucial for Paralympians to exercise while training, and often prove to be the deciding factor in their pathway to making history.

Both Paralympians and Olympians are encouraged to adopt these kinds of mindsets as they prepare for professional sporting events, and are highly knowledgeable of the psychological commitments required to reach their very best.

ICMI has some of the most renowned Olympians and Paralympians in Australia, and their own experiences with overcoming adversity to conquer on a world stage will inspire and amaze any crowd.


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With the Olympics set to run from July 23 to August 8 and the Paralympics occurring August 24 to September 5, there has never been a better time to book an athlete as a speaker for your event and rally behind our Olympians and Paralympians as they toil for gold in Tokyo.


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