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Key Points for Bernard Salt AM

  • Bernard Salt AM is a former KPMG Partner based in Melbourne with a global reputation as a trend forecaster.
  • Bernard identified the seachange shift and the man drought and more recently he made the term “smashed avocado” famous, globally.
  • He has been engaged by both the private and public sectors to present an evidence-based view of how demographic forces might shape the business environment.
  • Bernard's presentations are pacey; he commands the stage; he deliberately and cleverly engages his audience; he tailors his material; he makes conferences, seminars and workshops memorable.
  • He is a best-selling author of six books on social change, a twice-weekly columnist with The Australian newspaper and a regular presenter on Sky Business TV.
  • Bernard Salt is a highly entertaining and persuasive speaker at the top of his game, Bernard knows how to wow his audience.

Topics for Bernard Salt AM

COVID-19 Specific Webinar Based Keynotes and Conferences

  • Rebuilding Australia
    Tracks the new businesses, work practices, consumer behaviours created by coronavirus. In a post pandemic world, Australians will commit to a revitalisation of local manufacturing and especially in agribusiness, chemicals, light fabrication. And the experience of working from home will deliver a new productivity, lessen commuting, upskill the workforce in self-sufficiency and create new businesses in technology. The home office will morph into a home (TV) studio. Plus, on the relationship front, this experience will make us less self-focussed and more community-focussed in our orientation. We might even view love differently: more about giving and sharing. Is there a way that we can make this horrible experience create a stronger, more resilient and more caring Australia? Talks about how Australia will change during the 2020s as a consequence of coronavirus.
  • Refuge Australia
    Argues that in the post pandemic world, business, skilled and ambitious migrants will flock down under in search of opportunity, hygiene and quality of life. Australia boomed in the 1920s and again in the 1950s. The large-scale injection of government and corporate dollars in the past has created new businesses and technologies. Australia’s leading bio-tech company, CSL, was formed just prior to the Spanish Flu epidemic; some of Australia’s most successful corporations were formed by migrants flowing to Australia after WWII such as Frank Lowy (Westfield) and Dick Dusseldorp (Lend Lease). Australia’s isolation and opportunity are irresistible after calamitous events. New businesses will flourish in the 2020s and especially in agribusiness, manufacturing, defence support, technology and systems development. When this is over we’ll be up for profound change! Puts the case that Australia has always prospered attracting talent and investment after adversity.
  • Caring Australia
    Puts the case that after months of lockdown relationships will be reformed and strengthened within families and communities. The early selfishness of hoarding and non-observance of lockdown shifts as the death toll rises and we focus on acts of kindness and love. Households will be more caring, more prudent, more cautious and perhaps also less narcissistic following this experience. The new businesses will have a stronger balance sheet. Relationships tested by adversity will be stronger. Families will be strengthened by time spent together and by the common experience of fear. The home will morph into a fortress. Fridges and freezers will protect us against this happening again. We will rediscover the strength of neighbourhood. Argues that Australia and Australians will be kinder and stronger on the other side of adversity.
  • Career catapult
    Tracks jobs on the rise and jobs in decline. In the lead up to the pandemic it was all about skills but in the post-pandemic world there’s another lifeform that will emerge. The entrepreneur, the adaptable, the technologically adept. The time to be a CEO isn’t now—dealing with contraction and lay-offs—it’s later this year when the rebuilding begins. The generation that stands to benefit from this transition is 35-39 year old Millennials for it is they who will lead us forward. The pandemic will represent a break point in careers and in the skills required. Cites evidence and examples of jobs, businesses and skills that will thrive in the post pandemic world.
  • Jobs and businesses
    Move aside knowledge workers as Australia rebuilds and rewards the bold, the proficient, the agile and the determined.  Manufacturing, logistics, agribusiness and an air of irresistible optimism pushes Australia forward in the 2020s. Be part of the movement to create the jobs of the future.
  • Regional revival
    The drought has broken, the bushfires have been quelled, and in a post-corona world big-city escapees will seek out rural communities ‘with the lot’. Let’s talk about what’s required to create a turnaround town (apart from rain).
  • Post-corona customer
    Oh, the lessons we have learned.  Bigger freezers, Buy Australian, the rise of the value-contribution equation, self-sufficiency, home-office to home-studio and the possible end of pillowfication. Old customers went into lockdown… new customers with new preferences will come out the other side.
  • Megatrend reckoning

Testimonials for Bernard Salt AM

Excellent presenter. Engaging and informative - even over Zoom!  
SA Local Government Financial Management Group

Bernard Salt provided an insightful and entertaining presentation into our growing and changing industry. His research was thought provoking and encouraged many conversations long after the event.
Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association

Bernard Salt's presentation was the highlight of our function with all of our guests talking about how his knowledge and the way he communicates his information to the audience is second to none.
Ray White Maroochydore

Bernard Salt was the consummate professional. He was in and out like a flash of lightning (due to other arrangements) but was easy to deal with. His presentation went down a treat with the audience (even though it was full of data and they'd been out for a big one the night before). He's an engaging presenter and he kindly offered up his presentation after the event. He was a brilliant addition to the event, catering his talk to the audience and even popping in a fun data point regarding Byron Bay where the event was held. Bernard comes highly recommended and I'm glad he could join us.
Indeed Interactive Australia

Very engaging and great preparation specifically for our people.  
St John Ambulance

I am delighted to say that Bernard Salt exceeded expectations. He was captivating, funny and so wonderfully informative. The messages hit perfectly and as a result, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so very much.
Telstra Licensee Association

So on topic, brilliant speaker.
Master Builders Australia

Bernard Salt provided an informative, lively and entertaining presentation of what can be a very dry subject, extracting detail pertinent to our industry, and made it easily understood.
Leishman Associates

Excellent. Very entertaining, gives a different perspective. Thought provoking.
Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

An unqualified success … riveting …the anecdotes and verbal illustrations were worthy of the most highly acclaimed entertainer.
Franchise Council of Australia

I continue to receive very positive comments from attendees who thoroughly enjoyed your lively exposition … excellent presentation.

Your presentation was excellent and was the perfect mix of fun and fact. The participants left with much to ponder in terms of the impact on their business (and personal lives) of the very interesting demographic and cultural trends you identified. I would be surprised if you do not get some speaking invitations.
IMA Pty Ltd

Excellent presentation style… clear, humorous and informative.
Finance & Treasury Association Ltd

Excellent - informative, but good fun too. Had obviously put some work in to make the presentation relevant to Adelaide - everyone could relate to it . Feedback has been excellent.
Workcover Corporation

Excellent. Bernard Salt would rate in the top five speakers we have ever had. His delivery was seamless and professional, his content very relevant and most importantly his data up to date and easily interpreted. His is one of those presentations that will be referred to by our members for a long time to come.
Farm Management 500

Excellent. He presented with energy, enthusiasm and passion. He obviously knows his subject matter well. His presentation hit the mark and provided the framework for the morning session as well as setting the tone for the remainder of the business sessions during that week.

Excellent. Participants at the UDIA Congress were very impressed with Bernard’s presentation – he had everyone’s attention from beginning to end providing an excellent mix of fact, positive comments and light heartedness. His presentation was easy to follow and provided very interesting cultural and demographic trends – something for everyone present.
UDIA SA – Urban Development Institute of Aust (SA Div)