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Key Points for Bernard Salt AM

  • Bernard Salt AM, Australia's leading social commentator, has captivated audiences through six best-selling books, a top-rated podcast, and hosting a SkyNEWS Business TV show.
  • As founder of The Demographics Group, Bernard guides businesses with expert advice on demographic, social, and property trends, leveraging his 20-year experience as a Partner in a global advisory firm.
  • Renowned for coining the globally popular phrase "smashed avocado," Bernard's astute observations extend to identifying new social behaviors, including the intriguing "goat's cheese curtain."
  • Honored with the prestigious Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his contributions to demography, Bernard's influential column in The Weekend Australian Magazine has garnered widespread recognition and admiration.

Topics for Bernard Salt AM

  • Customer of the future (new markets & behaviours)
    Lifestyle obsessed, home focussed, tech-savvy customers of the future will demand more for less.
  • Shallower labour pools
    Plummeting fertility rates (globally) are reducing the working-age population and driving up demand for automation.
  • The way we work
    The rise of remote work feeds into the next generation’s desire to have greater control over how workplace value is delivered.
  • Regions on the rise (new drivers of growth)
    Post-Covid lifestylers, downshifting boomers, Millennials on the move plus a surge in demand for agribusiness is reimagining regional Australia.
  • 2021 census highlights
    Working from home, uptick in McMansions, the coming of Carmageddon, mental health concerns plus the meteoric rise of aged & disabled carers.
  • Millennial spending boom
    Over the balance of the 2020s Millennials (born 1983-2001) will pass into their 40s and unleash a tidal wave of consumer and household spending.
  • Change of direction (sectors on the rise)
    Post-pandemic Australia driving demand for agribusiness, mining (especially lithium), defence (material), industrial space, housing (including affordable & social) and, above all, aged & disabled care.
  • In search of skills (tapping labour pools)
    Australia desperately needs skilled workers in healthcare, engineering, data science, trades especially building & construction as well as unskilled workers.
  • Australia@2030 (businesses to be in)
    Australia at 30 million by 2030 has a revitalised manufacturing sector, cities built around 20-min hubs, rising agribusiness sector, agile workforce and challenges in aged care.
  • The great tech shift (apps for absolutely everything)
    Out with call centres in with the great appification as B2C communication shifts from in-person calls to apps, AI and chatbots in a world where customers are evermore tech-savvy.

Testimonials for Bernard Salt AM

Bernard was inspirational and spot on in terms of the information and interpretation he gave - as well as tailoring it to our industry.
Independant Brewers Association

Bernard Salt - incredibly professional, delivered on the brief, was able to tailor his presentation to suit to varied audience, was responsive in his communication leading up to the event and was an absolute delight on the day. His presentation was a crowd favourite. 
Visit Victoria

Excellent presenter. Engaging and informative - even over Zoom!  
SA Local Government Financial Management Group

Bernard Salt provided an insightful and entertaining presentation into our growing and changing industry. His research was thought provoking and encouraged many conversations long after the event.
Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association

Bernard Salt's presentation was the highlight of our function with all of our guests talking about how his knowledge and the way he communicates his information to the audience is second to none.
Ray White Maroochydore

Bernard Salt was the consummate professional. He was in and out like a flash of lightning (due to other arrangements) but was easy to deal with. His presentation went down a treat with the audience (even though it was full of data and they'd been out for a big one the night before). He's an engaging presenter and he kindly offered up his presentation after the event. He was a brilliant addition to the event, catering his talk to the audience and even popping in a fun data point regarding Byron Bay where the event was held. Bernard comes highly recommended and I'm glad he could join us.
Indeed Interactive Australia

Very engaging and great preparation specifically for our people.  
St John Ambulance

I am delighted to say that Bernard Salt exceeded expectations. He was captivating, funny and so wonderfully informative. The messages hit perfectly and as a result, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you so very much.
Telstra Licensee Association

So on topic, brilliant speaker.
Master Builders Australia

Bernard Salt provided an informative, lively and entertaining presentation of what can be a very dry subject, extracting detail pertinent to our industry, and made it easily understood.
Leishman Associates

Excellent. Very entertaining, gives a different perspective. Thought provoking.
Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd

An unqualified success … riveting …the anecdotes and verbal illustrations were worthy of the most highly acclaimed entertainer.
Franchise Council of Australia

I continue to receive very positive comments from attendees who thoroughly enjoyed your lively exposition … excellent presentation.

Your presentation was excellent and was the perfect mix of fun and fact. The participants left with much to ponder in terms of the impact on their business (and personal lives) of the very interesting demographic and cultural trends you identified. I would be surprised if you do not get some speaking invitations.
IMA Pty Ltd

Excellent presentation style… clear, humorous and informative.
Finance & Treasury Association Ltd

Excellent - informative, but good fun too. Had obviously put some work in to make the presentation relevant to Adelaide - everyone could relate to it . Feedback has been excellent.
Workcover Corporation

Excellent. Bernard Salt would rate in the top five speakers we have ever had. His delivery was seamless and professional, his content very relevant and most importantly his data up to date and easily interpreted. His is one of those presentations that will be referred to by our members for a long time to come.
Farm Management 500

Excellent. He presented with energy, enthusiasm and passion. He obviously knows his subject matter well. His presentation hit the mark and provided the framework for the morning session as well as setting the tone for the remainder of the business sessions during that week.

Excellent. Participants at the UDIA Congress were very impressed with Bernard’s presentation – he had everyone’s attention from beginning to end providing an excellent mix of fact, positive comments and light heartedness. His presentation was easy to follow and provided very interesting cultural and demographic trends – something for everyone present.
UDIA SA – Urban Development Institute of Aust (SA Div)