Ask about Anthony Bonnici
Key Points
  • Anthony Bonnici has 13 years experience in corporate Australia in sales, marketing and people leadership roles.
  • He has an extensive and unique range of keynote presentations, coaching programs and hands-on workshops, showing people how they CAN rather than CAN’T.
  • He  is a charismatic, dynamic and a super energetic coach and presenter who will leave your audience begging for more.
  • He is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner.
  • Reignition
    Finding our way back to high performance.
  • Connectedness
    Finding novel ways to meet our strongest human need.
  • Showing up virtually
    As a presenter AND a participant.
  • Change mindset
    Understanding how to drive, model and optimize change.
  • Building trust
    Above and beyond being liked, it's about expectations, needs and promises.
  • Influencing broadly
    Persuading internally and externally to achieve our best.
  • Managing emotions
    Harnessing emotion to create the outcome we need.
  • What makes us tick
    Getting to the real driver behind our behaviours.

Once again Anthony provided a stimulating and productive session that culminated in a motivated and cohesive sales team. Anthony can work wonders!
L& D Manager, National Sales Manager

The feedback I’ve received from everyone about both your workshops and your involvement in our Calibre program has been excellent. You have exceeded our expectations – 10/10!
Peoplebank Australia

Before Anthony’s program, we set ourselves a very ambitious target, one that had never been achieved before. (After the program), the team achieved 60% of the target in the first month of roll out, which we predicted would take 6 months. By the end we were 20% above plan – it was fantastic!
Beiersdorf New Zealand

The session was fabulous! Everybody will talk about their experience for months/years to come. Thank you Anthony for your energy, enthusiasm & motivation!
Marketing Manager
Schwarzkopf Professional