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Key Points for Dr Andrew Rochford

  • Dr Andrew Rochford is one of Australia's most popular media personalities and medical health experts.
  • He is the Founder and Managing Director of healthcare company, PT. Docta Indonesia Tech.
  • Author of The Reality Checkup, a straight to the point guide for modern men.
  • Former panelist on Channel Ten's The Project before joining The Living Room. Presenter of What's Good for You, Waiting Room, You Saved My Life, and Amazing Medical Stories. Became Channel Seven's National Medical Editor in 2014.
  • Has also featured on Ten's quiz show, Pointless and SBS's Filthy Rich & Homeless.

Topics for Dr Andrew Rochford

  • Men's Health
    • The simple health checklist that every man needs to follow

  • Leadership/ Teamwork/ Crisis Management
    • Andrew reflects on his time in Emergency, with some fascinating anecdotes & stories and how they relate to the modern day business & organizational environment.

  • Work-Life Balance 
    • How to maximise your time so that you can stay healthy, have fun and achieve more at work without sacrificing your life. Dr Rochford draws on his own experiences working two sometimes three busy jobs, whilst having a young family and looking after his health, to show how it is possible to have it all.

  • The Essential Twenty
    • Andrew shares his top 20 proven health tips and tricks that everyone should know and practice for a productive and healthy life.

  • The Secrets to Living Longer
    • Learn from what the longest living, healthiest communities on the planet do to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

  • Brain Training 
    • Andrew explains how you can harness the untapped power of your mind to help tackle life’s tough decisions, think clearly and get ahead.

  • Healthy Workers are Productive Workers
    • How to use simple health tricks to maximise productivity in the workplace.

  • Investing in your Health Future
    • Discover the simple things you should be doing now to get the most out of your life today, tomorrow and beyond based on predictions about what the future of health looks like.

  • The Secrets of High Performers
    • Andrew has been exploring an area of biology and medicine called chronomedicine. It focuses on the natural biological cycles of the human body and how different high performers have maximised their success by harnessing these cycles.


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